30 Funny Ways to Say Good Afternoon

Funny Ways to Say Good Afternoon

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Good Afternoon:

  1. Afternoo-hoo!
  2. G’day, sunshine!
  3. Howdy, high noon!
  4. Look who survived the morning!
  5. Sun’s up, smile’s up!
  6. Rise and shine… Oh wait, you already did.
  7. Guess we made it past coffee o’clock!
  8. Rolling into the PM, are we?
  9. Hey there, afternoon delight!
  10. Noontide hellos!
  11. Ahoy, midday matey!
  12. Sun’s high and so are my spirits!
  13. Greetings from the halfway point!
  14. Is it siesta time yet?
  15. Noon-ish greetings to you!
  16. Fancy meeting you this side of morning!
  17. Did someone say, “nap time”? Oh, just afternoon!
  18. Beyond the morning blues, eh?
  19. Late enough for lunch, early enough for fun!
  20. From AM to PM, you’re still shining!
  21. If mornings are for coffee, afternoons are for chuckles!
  22. Who stole the morning? Oh well, good afternoon!
  23. Cruising through daylight, huh?
  24. Afternoon, sun-kissed soul!
  25. Greetings from the bright side!
  26. Too late for good morning, too early for good night!
  27. Sun, sky, and a slice of afternoon pie!
  28. Midday high five!
  29. Here comes the sun… afternoon version!
  30. Rockin’ the PM vibes!


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Funny Ways to Say Good Afternoon