30 Funny Ways to Say Lose Weight

Funny Ways to Say Lose Weight

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Lose Weight:

  1. Operation: Operation Less of Me.
  2. Ditching the excess baggage.
  3. Aiming for ‘less of me’ in the mirror selfie.
  4. Getting rid of the spare tire for good.
  5. Decluttering the body storage unit.
  6. Turning my food baby into an only child.
  7. Shedding my winter blubber.
  8. Trimming the fluff off the muffin top.
  9. Embarking on a mission to find my toes again.
  10. Deciding to evict my love handles.
  11. Trading in the marshmallow look for a leaner silhouette.
  12. Bidding farewell to the jiggle zone.
  13. Striving for ‘lighter’ conversations on the scale.
  14. Banishing the belly bulge to the shadow realm.
  15. Kicking my inner couch potato to the curb.
  16. Saying goodbye to my snack-mate, the refrigerator.
  17. Working on my ‘less is more’ approach to weight.
  18. Decommissioning the doughnut depot.
  19. Opting for a gravitational pull that’s less intense.
  20. Replacing my muffin top with an English muffin.
  21. Banishing the stubborn flab with a farewell party.
  22. Deciding to be an ‘ex’ when it comes to excess weight.
  23. Striving to make my shadow a little less dense.
  24. Opting for a lighter version of myself, minus the Photoshop.
  25. Reducing the gravitational force I exert on my poor chairs.
  26. Working on a disappearing act for my double chin.
  27. Trading in my heavyweight status for a lighter category.
  28. Taking steps to become my own ‘before and after’ model.
  29. Opting for a ‘no baggage’ policy in life.
  30. Striving for a physique that won’t be mistaken for a beach ball.


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