30 Funny Ways to Say I Don’t Care

30 Funny Ways to Say I Don’t Care

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say I Don’t Care:

  1. My interest level is on vacation.
  2. I couldn’t muster a single care if I tried.
  3. My care-o-meter is stuck on zero.
  4. As interested as a rock in a museum.
  5. I’m floating in the sea of ‘zero cares given.’
  6. I’m on the ‘whatever floats your boat’ wavelength.
  7. If caring was a sport, I’d be on the bench.
  8. I’m the poster child for nonchalance.
  9. As invested as a couch potato during a workout.
  10. My enthusiasm is on an extended coffee break.
  11. I’m so unbothered, I might as well be a cloud.
  12. I’m embracing the art of not caring.
  13. My level of concern is in silent mode.
  14. I’m in a state of blissful indifference.
  15. I’m living in the land of ‘couldn’t care less.’
  16. My care-o-scope is reading ‘utterly disinterested.’
  17. I’m on vacation from giving a darn.
  18. I care as much as a snowman in summer.
  19. My care cup runneth empty.
  20. My interest is in a deep, deep slumber.
  21. I’m a care-free bird flying in the breeze of apathy.
  22. I’m dancing to the tune of ‘indifference anthem.’
  23. About as concerned as a cat with a laser pointer.
  24. I’m as attached to this as a leaf in the wind.
  25. I’m channeling my inner zen master of nonchalance.
  26. My emotional investment is in hibernation.
  27. My level of care is like a deflated balloon.
  28. As attentive as a goldfish with short-term memory.
  29. I’m on the ‘meh’ express to apathy-town.
  30. I care as much as a rock in a desert.


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Funny Ways to Say I Don't Care