30+ Funny Ways to Say Please In Text

Funny Ways to Say Please In Text!

1- Pretty Please with a Cherry on Top

2- A Bunch of Petals and Please

3- Please — with a Big Hint of Chocolate

4- Could You Be So Kind to Please?

5- Will You Pretty Please Take Care Of It?

6- A Pinch of Sugar and a Dash of Please

7- If You Would, Could You Possibly Please?

8- A Spoonful of Honey with a Please?

9- An Ice Cream Sundae with a Side of Please

10- A Big Bowl of Pretty Please Varieties

11- A Heaping Scoop of Please and Thanks!

12- A Perfectly Polite, “Please”

13- Do You Mind Doing Me the Favour of Please?

14- Please, Pretty Please with Sprinkles On Top?

15- A Little Bit of Sugar and a Heap of Please

16- How ‘Bout You Give Me a Big Ol’ Please?

17- A Dash of Cuteness and a Spoonful of Please

18- Could I Have the Honour of a Please?

19- A Big Smiling Yummy Jar of Please

20- Please with a Side of Fluffy Clouds!

21- Will You Send Me Some Love in the Form of Please?

22- Could I Borrow a Cupful of Please?

23- A Sweet Little Pinch and a Tonne of Please

24- Please and a Bit of Sparkle?

25- A Bag Full of Smiles and a Handful of Please?

26- Could You Spare Me Some Good Ol’ Please?

27- Will You Help Fill My Teacup with Please?

28- A Bowlful of Sunshine and a Cup of Please

29- Please as Sweet as Pie?

30- A Big Bunch of Love and a Slice of Please?

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funny ways to say please in text