30 Funny Ways to Say Grace Before Meals

30 Funny Ways to Say Grace Before Meals

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Grace Before Meals:

  1. Lord, bless this pizza slice to add nice spice!
  2. Thanks for the grub, let’s eat!
  3. Dear God, make this broccoli taste like chocolate.
  4. Let’s dine and shine! Thanks, Divine!
  5. Lord, bless this mess on my plate!
  6. Gravy train’s here! Thanks for the fare, upstairs!
  7. High five, God, for this jive alive!
  8. Divine dine time. Thanks, upstairs line!
  9. Amen to ramen, let’s dig in!
  10. Spaghetti ready? God’s been steady!
  11. For this snack pack, we give thanks back!
  12. Holy Smokes, thanks for the yokes!
  13. Let this food not be a mood. Amen!
  14. Before the munch, a quick thank-you punch!
  15. Burger alert! God, thanks for dessert!
  16. To the sky, thanks for pie!
  17. Holy Moly, Guacamole! Thanks for this meal!
  18. Bless these bites, and our appetites!
  19. May this food be good, as it should!
  20. Thanks for the munch, lunch bunch!
  21. God’s great, food’s late, can’t wait, let’s eat!
  22. For chips and dip, we give a hip-hip!
  23. Noodles galore, Lord, can we have more?
  24. Lord, here’s our toast for this roast!
  25. For fries and pies, we raise our eyes!
  26. Hallelujah! The pizza’s here!
  27. Lord, this isn’t broccoli soup again, right?
  28. Bless this feast from east to west!
  29. Fish and chips, bless these lips!
  30. Taco ’bout blessings! Let’s eat!


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Funny Ways to Say Grace Before Meals