30+ Funny Ways to Say Come Over

Asking someone over for a visit can be awkward. Whether you’re inviting them to come to hang out or to help with a project, it’s often hard to find the perfect words that express your intentions without feeling too formal or stiff. To make things easier, why not try something new and use some funny ways of asking people over?

Not only will these phrases give your invite more humor but will also break the ice so you can have some fun together! Read on to learn about all the creative and clever ways you can ask someone over for a visit.

Funny Ways to Say Come Over

1- A Little Birdie Told Me You Need My Company

2- Let’s Get Together and Catchup

3- I’ve Got Some Sweet Treats Calling Your Name

4- Come Cuddle With Me

5- Bring Your Appetite and Join Me For Dinner

6- Please Come Shake Things Up

7- It’s Time To Join The Fun

8- Let’s Hang Out and Laugh a Little

9- I’m Throwing an Unforgettable Party, Will You Join?

10- Don’t Be Shy, Stop By For a Visit!

11- Let’s Create Some Lasting Memories

12- Come Over and Share The Good Times

13- Let’s Get Together And Paint the Town Red!

14- Let’s Chat and See What Happens

15- I’ve Got a Surprise Waiting For You!

16- It’s Time To Find Out What We’re Really Made Of

17- Come Over, Let Me Show You Something Cool

18- I’m Bored and Need Someone To Hang Out With

19- I Dare You To Come Over

20- Let’s Make Some Memories!

21- Let Me Show You What I’m All About

22- Hang Out With Me and Have Fun

23- Let’s Make Tonight Unforgettable

24- Come Over and Let’s Get Crazy!

25- Are You Ready For Some Fun? Come On Over!

26- Come on By, Let’s Put Our Heads Together

27- Join Me and Let’s Get This Party Started!

28- I Need You Here, Right Now!

29- Let’s Have a Day To Remember – Come Over!

30- Let’s Make Magic Together! Come Over Now!

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