30 Funny Ways to Say Thinking Of You

Funny Ways to Say Thinking Of You

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Thinking Of You:

  1. Your face just randomly popped into my brain!
  2. You’ve been living rent-free in my thoughts.
  3. Random thought checks: Yep, you’re still there.
  4. Congratulations, you’ve won a place in my thoughts.
  5. I’m sending mental waves of you-ness.
  6. My brain has a ‘you’ section that’s always active.
  7. You’re like a pop-up ad in my brain but in a good way.
  8. I blame my random smiles on your thought intrusions.
  9. Consider this text a thought bubble from me.
  10. My brain’s GPS keeps directing me to thoughts of you.
  11. My brain cells are having a party, and you’re the theme.
  12. Thinking of you so much, even my dreams have a cameo.
  13. Just a heads-up, my brain’s on ‘you’ mode.
  14. Your thought just photobombed my mind.
  15. Brainwaves brought to you by thoughts of you.
  16. Congratulations, you’re today’s mind worm.
  17. If thoughts were currency, I’d be rich with thoughts of you.
  18. My brain autocompletes thoughts of you.
  19. I’ve got a mental tab open with your name.
  20. You’re like WiFi – I’m always connected.
  21. Renting space in my mind? You’ve got a lifetime lease.
  22. Just checking in on my favorite brain invader.
  23. Do you have a fan club in my head? Yup, you do.
  24. Warning: You’ve exceeded your thought quota.
  25. You must be a thought ninja because you’re everywhere.
  26. My brain’s unofficial mascot: You!
  27. I thought you should know that I’m thinking of you. Duh.
  28. You’re like a thought virus – spreading happiness.
  29. Guess what? You’re the star of my mental show!
  30. Just a friendly reminder that I can’t stop thinking about you.


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