30 Funny Ways to Say You are Hard

Funny Ways to Say You are Hard

Below are 30 funny Ways to Say You are Hard

  1. I’m flying the flag at full mast.
  2. Seems like I’ve built a skyscraper.
  3. Elevator’s gone all the way up.
  4. Captain Standish reporting for duty.
  5. That’s my salute to the morning!
  6. Somebody’s ringing the doorbell!
  7. I’m crowning a new tower king.
  8. That’s my pocket compass pointing north.
  9. My antenna’s picking up signals.
  10. I’m hosting a puppet show.
  11. Up goes the drawbridge.
  12. Seems I’ve set up the diving board.
  13. I’m on my standing ovation.
  14. Pitching a tent over here.
  15. Rocket’s ready for liftoff.
  16. Just setting up the tripod.
  17. The soldier’s standing at attention.
  18. Looks like the tree has fully grown.
  19. My monolith is reaching for the sky.
  20. Magic wand’s all charged up.
  21. The beacon light is on.
  22. Looks like the flagpole’s up.
  23. The tower has been constructed.
  24. I’ve got my own North Star tonight.
  25. Just showing off my barometer.
  26. Someone’s playing peek-a-boo.
  27. My periscope’s up and scouting.
  28. It’s a stick-shift kind of day.
  29. Ready for the limbo? Not me!
  30. Knight in shining armor, standing tall.


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