30 Funny Ways to Say Someone Died

Funny Ways to Say Someone Died

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Someone Died:

  1. Kicked the bucket
  2. Bought the farm
  3. Checked out of the Life Hotel
  4. Pushing up daisies
  5. Joined the choir invisible
  6. Cashed in their chips
  7. Checked into the Dirt Nap Inn
  8. Took the last train to Glory
  9. Gave up the ghost
  10. Went to feed the worms
  11. Left the building (à la Elvis)
  12. Went to the big [something in the sky] (e.g., big donut shop in the sky)
  13. Became a root inspector
  14. Played their last encore
  15. Lost their life subscription
  16. Said sayonara to the living scene
  17. Left to meet the great [something] (e.g., Great Pumpkin)
  18. Went offline permanently
  19. Became a celestial tourist
  20. Held a one-way ticket to the Great Beyond
  21. Joined the underground society
  22. Took a bow and left the stage
  23. Became fertilizer
  24. Turned in their life’s timesheet
  25. Logged out for good
  26. Got a full-time position as a cloud watcher
  27. Became a history lesson
  28. Opted for eternal sleep mode
  29. Headed to the final after-party
  30. Rang the checked out bell


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Funny Ways to Say Someone Died