Learn 20 Expressions Related to Passion

Passion fuels our drive and enriches our lives, permeating through every act of enthusiasm and dedication. Whether you’re talking about a hobby, a job, or a relationship, passion is often the central force. In this blog post, we delve into 20 vibrant expressions and idioms that capture the essence of passion. These phrases will help you express fervor and deep interest in both everyday conversations and professional communication.

Expressions Related to Passion

1. Fire in the belly

Meaning: Strong desire or motivation.

Example: She has a real fire in her belly to succeed.

2. Burn with passion

Meaning: To have intense enthusiasm or desire.

Example: He burns with passion for social justice.

3. Follow one’s passion

Meaning: To pursue what one loves doing.

Example: She decided to follow her passion for music.

4. Passion project

Meaning: A project worked on out of interest or passion rather than duty.

Example: His film was a true passion project.

5. Stir the soul

Meaning: To excite or deeply affect one emotionally.

Example: Her poetry really stirs the soul.

6. Fuel the fire

Meaning: To increase one’s passion or enthusiasm.

Example: Winning the award really fueled the fire of his ambition.

7. Heart and soul

Meaning: With one’s whole effort and passion.

Example: She put her heart and soul into the performance.

8. Catch fire

Meaning: To become very enthusiastic.

Example: The crowd caught fire when the band played their favorite song.

9. Light a spark

Meaning: To initiate a feeling of enthusiasm or interest.

Example: The workshop lit a spark in young writers.

10. A labor of love

Meaning: Work done for pleasure, not just reward.

Example: His gardening is a true labor of love.

11. With all one’s heart

Meaning: With sincere and deep involvement.

Example: She loves her city with all her heart.

12. On fire

Meaning: Extremely passionate or enthusiastic.

Example: He was on fire during the debate competition.

13. Chase a dream

Meaning: To pursue an aspiration.

Example: She moved to Hollywood to chase her dream of acting.

14. Ignite one’s interest

Meaning: To start showing interest in something intensely.

Example: The lecture ignited his interest in archaeology.

15. Fan the flames

Meaning: To increase the intensity of one’s interest or passion.

Example: His success fanned the flames of her own ambitions.

16. Keep the flame alive

Meaning: To maintain enthusiasm or commitment.

Example: They keep the flame alive by celebrating their anniversary each year.

17. Consume with passion

Meaning: To be deeply engrossed or obsessed with something.

Example: She is consumed with passion for her research.

18. Fire up

Meaning: To become or make someone enthusiastic or motivated.

Example: His speech really fired up the audience.

19. Pour one’s heart into

Meaning: To do something with a lot of effort and love.

Example: He poured his heart into his writing.

20. Wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve

Meaning: To openly and freely express one’s emotions.

Example: He wears his heart on his sleeve when he talks about poetry.

Expressions Related to Passion