Learn 20 Expressions Related to Disrespect

In daily interactions, the language we use can sometimes veer into disrespect, often unintentionally. This post explores twenty expressions that are typically used to convey disrespect. Understanding these can help you recognize and possibly avoid their usage in sensitive contexts.

1. Turn one’s nose up at

Meaning: Show disdain
Example: She turned her nose up at the homemade pie.

2. Talk down to

Meaning: Patronize someone
Example: He often talks down to his colleagues, which irks them.

3. Throw shade

Meaning: Subtly disrespect
Example: At the meeting, Jenna threw shade with her snide remarks.

4. Bad-mouth

Meaning: Speak badly about
Example: They bad-mouthed the project before even seeing it.

5. Blow off

Meaning: Ignore deliberately
Example: He blew off her suggestions during the presentation.

6. Put down

Meaning: Insult or belittle
Example: She put him down in front of his friends.

7. Talk smack

Meaning: Insult or criticize
Example: They were talking smack about the new policies.

8. Brush off

Meaning: Dismiss indifferently
Example: She brushed off his concerns as trivial.

9. Give the cold shoulder

Meaning: Ignore someone
Example: He gave his colleague the cold shoulder all week.

10. Take down a peg

Meaning: Humble someone arrogantly
Example: She took him down a peg in the team meeting.

11. Throw under the bus

Meaning: Betray or sacrifice someone
Example: He threw his teammate under the bus to save himself.

12. Shoot down

Meaning: Reject ideas harshly
Example: They shot down her proposal immediately.

13. Cut down to size

Meaning: Deflate someone’s ego
Example: The manager cut him down to size during the evaluation.

14. Kick to the curb

Meaning: Reject or dismiss harshly
Example: She was kicked to the curb after the merger.

15. Rag on

Meaning: Criticize continuously
Example: He always rags on her cooking.

16. Talk over

Meaning: Interrupt and dominate
Example: During debates, he consistently talks over others.

17. Slag off

Meaning: Criticize rudely
Example: They slagged off the entire idea as worthless.

18. Pass over

Meaning: Ignore or exclude
Example: He was passed over for promotion again.

19. Look down on

Meaning: Regard as inferior
Example: They look down on anyone who hasn’t gone to college.

20. Push around

Meaning: Bully or dominate
Example: She’s tired of being pushed around by her boss.

Expressions Related to Disrespect