Learn 20 Expressions Related to Progress

Progress is essential in every aspect of life. Understanding expressions related to progress can enhance communication and clarify goals. Here, we explore 20 compelling expressions that encapsulate the concept of moving forward.

1. Get ahead

Meaning: Advance or progress
Example: She worked hard to get ahead in her career.

2. Move forward

Meaning: Proceed or advance
Example: Let’s move forward with the new project plan.

3. Press on

Meaning: Continue steadfastly
Example: Despite difficulties, he pressed on with his work.

4. Step up

Meaning: Increase efforts
Example: We need to step up our game to succeed.

5. Forge ahead

Meaning: Progress steadily
Example: She decided to forge ahead with her studies.

6. Make strides

Meaning: Show significant improvement
Example: He has made strides in learning English.

7. Push forward

Meaning: Advance with effort
Example: They continued to push forward with innovations.

8. Make headway

Meaning: Make progress
Example: We are starting to make headway on the project.

9. Come a long way

Meaning: Make significant progress
Example: Technology has come a long way in decades.

10. Break new ground

Meaning: Do something innovative
Example: The research team broke new ground with their discovery.

11. Gain ground

Meaning: Make progress, advance
Example: The campaign gained ground in urban areas.

12. Turn the corner

Meaning: Pass a critical point
Example: The company turned the corner after restructuring.

13. Go places

Meaning: Be successful
Example: Young innovators are sure to go places.

14. Get the ball rolling

Meaning: Start an activity
Example: Let’s get the ball rolling on this project!

15. Take off

Meaning: Start to be successful
Example: His business took off after a rocky start.

16. Climb the ladder

Meaning: Advance in a career
Example: She is climbing the ladder very quickly.

17. Leap forward

Meaning: Make a big advance
Example: The new policy allowed us to leap forward.

18. Move up

Meaning: Progress to a better position
Example: He moved up to a managerial role last year.

19. Pave the way

Meaning: Create opportunities
Example: His innovations paved the way for future technologies.

20. Steam ahead

Meaning: Move forward energetically
Example: With clear goals, we can steam ahead effectively.

Expressions Related to Progress