Learn 20 Expressions Related to Dreams

Dreams are a fascinating part of our lives, reflecting our deepest desires, fears, and hopes. In this blog post, we’ll explore 20 unique expressions related to dreams. These expressions will help you understand and describe your dreams more vividly. Let’s dive in and learn these dream-related phrases!

1. Dream Big

Meaning: Aim high.
Example: Always dream big, no matter the obstacles.

2. Pipe Dream

Meaning: Unrealistic hope.
Example: Winning the lottery is just a pipe dream.

3. Beyond My Wildest Dreams

Meaning: Better than imagined.
Example: Her success was beyond my wildest dreams.

4. Sweet Dreams

Meaning: Pleasant dreams.
Example: Goodnight, darling, sweet dreams!

5. In Your Dreams

Meaning: Impossible.
Example: You think you’ll beat me? In your dreams!

6. Dream Come True

Meaning: Realized hope.
Example: Owning this house is a dream come true.

7. Dream On

Meaning: Keep wishing.
Example: You think I’ll lend you money? Dream on!

8. Dream Up

Meaning: Invent.
Example: He dreamed up an exciting new story.

9. Daydream

Meaning: Lost in thought.
Example: She often daydreams during class.

10. Chasing Dreams

Meaning: Pursuing goals.
Example: He’s been chasing his dreams since childhood.

11. Living the Dream

Meaning: Ideal life.
Example: Traveling the world, he’s living the dream.

12. Dream Away

Meaning: Spend time dreaming.
Example: She’d dream away her afternoons by the lake.

13. Broken Dreams

Meaning: Unfulfilled aspirations.
Example: He was haunted by his broken dreams.

14. Follow Your Dreams

Meaning: Pursue aspirations.
Example: Always follow your dreams, no matter what.

15. Wet Dream

Meaning: Erotic dream.
Example: He had a wet dream last night.

16. Dreamboat

Meaning: Attractive person.
Example: That actor is such a dreamboat!

17. Dream World

Meaning: Fantasy realm.
Example: She lives in a dream world of her own.

18. Dreamland

Meaning: Sleep state.
Example: The kids are off to dreamland.

19. Dream On It

Meaning: Consider overnight.
Example: I’ll dream on it and decide tomorrow.

20. Dream House

Meaning: Ideal home.
Example: They finally moved into their dream house.

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