Learn 20 Expressions Related to Fairness

Fairness is a cornerstone of just societies and ethical behavior, often discussed in both personal and professional settings. This blog post delves into 20 expressions related to fairness that illuminate various aspects of justice, equality, and impartiality. Whether you’re resolving conflicts, debating ethics, or simply expressing your views on equity, these phrases will enrich your vocabulary and deepen your understanding of fairness.

Expressions Related to Fairness

1. Fair and square

Meaning: Honestly and straightforwardly.

Example: He won the game fair and square.

2. Level playing field

Meaning: A situation where everyone has the same opportunities.

Example: The new regulations ensure a level playing field.

3. Give someone a fair shake

Meaning: Treat someone impartially and justly.

Example: Everyone deserves a fair shake at interviews.

4. Fair game

Meaning: Legitimate target for criticism or competition.

Example: Politicians are often considered fair game.

5. Play fair

Meaning: Act according to the rules and ethics.

Example: It’s important to always play fair in business.

6. To each his own

Meaning: Everyone has their own preferences or tastes.

Example: I don’t like sushi, but to each his own.

7. Square deal

Meaning: An honest and fair arrangement.

Example: He offered us a square deal on the car.

8. Do right by someone

Meaning: Treat someone fairly and well.

Example: I trust him to do right by his employees.

9. On the up and up

Meaning: Honest and legitimate.

Example: Their business dealings are on the up and up.

10. Without a shadow of a doubt

Meaning: Absolutely certain and without any doubt.

Example: She is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best candidate for the job.

11. No strings attached

Meaning: Without any hidden terms or conditions.

Example: He offered help with no strings attached.

12. Equal footing

Meaning: The same status or opportunity as others.

Example: The treaty puts both countries on equal footing.

13. Fair-haired boy

Meaning: A person who is particularly liked or favored by someone.

Example: He’s the fair-haired boy of the department.

14. With an even hand

Meaning: In a fair and equal way.

Example: She managed the team with an even hand.

15. Even Steven

Meaning: Owed nothing; evenly balanced.

Example: After paying back the loan, we’re even Steven.

16. A square go

Meaning: A fair and honest fight or competition.

Example: They had a square go, and the better team won.

17. All’s fair in love and war

Meaning: Actions that are done in love or conflict are acceptable.

Example: He competed aggressively for the contract— all’s fair in love and war.

18. Fair weather friend

Meaning: Someone who is a friend only when things are going well.

Example: He proved to be a fair weather friend when times got tough.

19. In broad daylight

Meaning: Done openly, without hiding anything.

Example: The deal was made in broad daylight.

20. The benefit of the doubt

Meaning: Trusting someone’s word without proof.

Example: I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt this time.

Expressions Related to Fairness