Learn 20 Expressions Related to Reliance

Reliance is an essential aspect of our daily lives, often reflected in our language through various expressions. These expressions capture the nuances of depending on others, trusting, and leaning on someone for support. Here are 20 expressions related to reliance that can enrich your vocabulary and help you communicate more effectively.

Expressions Related to Reliance

1. Count on

Meaning: Depend on
Example: I can always count on you for help.

2. Lean on

Meaning: Rely on
Example: She had to lean on her friends during tough times.

3. Bank on

Meaning: Depend on
Example: You can bank on his expertise in this project.

4. Fall back on

Meaning: Resort to
Example: She can fall back on her savings if needed.

5. Rest on

Meaning: Depend on
Example: The success of the project rests on the team’s efforts.

6. Trust in

Meaning: Have confidence in
Example: He trusts in his mentor’s guidance.

7. Depend on

Meaning: Rely on
Example: We depend on each other for support.

8. Hinge on

Meaning: Depend entirely
Example: The outcome hinges on their cooperation.

9. Be reliant on

Meaning: Depend on
Example: The economy is reliant on consumer spending.

10. Stick with

Meaning: Stay loyal to
Example: I’ll stick with you no matter what happens.

11. Be backed by

Meaning: Supported by
Example: The initiative is backed by strong leadership.

12. Call on

Meaning: Ask for help
Example: I can call on my friend if I need assistance.

13. Look to

Meaning: Seek guidance from
Example: We look to our leaders for direction.

14. Rely on

Meaning: Depend on
Example: She relies on her family for emotional support.

15. Hang on to

Meaning: Keep hold of
Example: He hangs on to every word she says.

16. Be beholden to

Meaning: Indebted to
Example: She feels beholden to her mentor for the opportunity.

17. Ride on

Meaning: Depend heavily
Example: Our future rides on this decision.

18. Take refuge in

Meaning: Find safety in
Example: He takes refuge in his friends during crises.

19. Cling to

Meaning: Hold on tightly
Example: She clings to her beliefs despite challenges.

20. Draw on

Meaning: Use as a resource
Example: They draw on their experience to solve problems.

Expressions Related to Reliance