Learn 20 Expressions Related to Solitude

Solitude often evokes a range of emotions, from peace to loneliness. This blog post explores 20 expressions related to the experience of being alone, each capturing a unique aspect of solitude. These phrases help articulate the complex feelings and scenarios associated with solitude.

1. Go off the grid

  • Meaning: Escape all communications
  • Example: She went off the grid for some peace.

2. Steal away

  • Meaning: Leave quietly, unnoticed
  • Example: He stole away to contemplate alone.

3. Fly solo

  • Meaning: Act alone
  • Example: She decided to fly solo on her trip.

4. Keep one’s own counsel

  • Meaning: Rely on oneself for advice
  • Example: He kept his own counsel after the arguments.

5. Walk alone

  • Meaning: Go without companionship
  • Example: She walks alone through the park daily.

6. Lay low

  • Meaning: Hide out alone
  • Example: After the news, he chose to lay low.

7. Hold up in

  • Meaning: Stay secluded
  • Example: She’s held up in her cabin to write.

8. Take the back seat

  • Meaning: Stay out of the spotlight
  • Example: He took the back seat during discussions.

9. March to the beat of one’s own drum

  • Meaning: Do things one’s own way
  • Example: He marches to the beat of his own drum.

10. Plow a lonely furrow

  • Meaning: Work alone, without support
  • Example: She plows a lonely furrow in her research.

11. Sink into oblivion

  • Meaning: Withdraw into obscurity
  • Example: He sank into oblivion after retiring.

12. Keep at arm’s length

  • Meaning: Maintain distance
  • Example: She keeps everyone at arm’s length.

13. Fade into the background

  • Meaning: Withdraw from attention
  • Example: He fades into the background at parties.

14. Retreat into one’s shell

  • Meaning: Become introverted
  • Example: After the critique, she retreated into her shell.

15. Go into one’s shell

  • Meaning: Withdraw socially
  • Example: He went into his shell after the loss.

16. Circle the wagons

  • Meaning: Withdraw into defensive mode
  • Example: The team circled the wagons after criticism.

17. Pull back

  • Meaning: Retreat, withdraw
  • Example: She pulled back to reassess her goals.

18. Fall off the map

  • Meaning: Disappear from social activities
  • Example: He practically fell off the map last year.

19. Bow out

  • Meaning: Withdraw gracefully
  • Example: She bowed out of the competition early.

20. Stand alone

  • Meaning: Be independent
  • Example: He stands alone in his theories.

Expressions Related to Solitude