Learn 20 Expressions Related to Fatigue

Fatigue is a universal experience, often described in colorful and expressive ways. Whether it’s from long hours at work, intense study sessions, or simply the rigors of daily life, everyone has felt worn out at some point. To capture the essence of this all-too-common feeling, we explore 20 idiomatic expressions and phrases related to fatigue. These expressions add flavor to our language, allowing us to convey our tiredness in creative and relatable terms.

Expressions Related to Fatigue

1. Dead on one’s feet

Meaning: Extremely tired, as if one could fall asleep standing.

Example: After the double shift, he was dead on his feet.

2. Burn the candle at both ends

Meaning: To work or do other things from early morning until late at night and so get very little rest.

Example: She’s been burning the candle at both ends preparing for the exam.

3. Running on fumes

Meaning: Continuing to operate with very little energy or resources left.

Example: By the end of the marathon, she was running on fumes.

4. Hit the wall

Meaning: To reach a point of physical or mental fatigue where one cannot improve or continue.

Example: Halfway through the last lap, he hit the wall.

5. Out like a light

Meaning: Fall asleep very quickly and deeply.

Example: As soon as his head hit the pillow, he was out like a light.

6. Dragging one’s feet

Meaning: Moving slowly because of lack of energy or enthusiasm.

Example: He’s been dragging his feet all day because he didn’t sleep well.

7. Sleep on one’s feet

Meaning: So tired that one could fall asleep standing up.

Example: After the 24-hour flight, she could sleep on her feet.

8. Beat one’s brains out

Meaning: To exert oneself mentally to the point of exhaustion.

Example: Trying to solve that complex math problem really beat my brains out.

9. On one’s last legs

Meaning: Nearing the end of one’s strength or endurance.

Example: After hiking all day, I’m on my last legs.

10. Not have the energy to rub together

Meaning: Extremely low on energy.

Example: I don’t have the energy to rub together after that workout.

11. Feel like death warmed up

Meaning: To look or feel very ill or tired.

Example: With the flu hitting him hard, he felt like death warmed up.

12. Wiped out

Meaning: Completely exhausted.

Example: After the triathlon, she was totally wiped out.

13. Dog-tired

Meaning: Extremely tired.

Example: He came home dog-tired from the long drive.

14. Run oneself ragged

Meaning: To make oneself very tired by being very active.

Example: She ran herself ragged organizing the event.

15. Barely keep one’s eyes open

Meaning: Struggling to stay awake.

Example: I was so sleepy during the meeting, I could barely keep my eyes open.

16. Fall into bed

Meaning: Go to bed very tired and fall asleep immediately.

Example: She fell into bed as soon as she got home from work.

17. Too pooped to pop

Meaning: Too tired to do anything.

Example: After the week I’ve had, I’m too pooped to pop.

18. Bone-weary

Meaning: Extremely tired; physically exhausted.

Example: After the move, we were all bone-weary.

19. Zonked out

Meaning: Completely exhausted or asleep.

Example: He zonked out in the middle of the movie.

20. Fried

Meaning: Mentally exhausted and unable to function effectively.

Example: After all those exams, my brain is completely fried.

Expressions Related to Fatigue