Learn 20 Expressions Related to Necessity

Understanding expressions related to necessity is essential for effective communication. These expressions are commonly used to indicate something that must be done. This blog post will introduce you to 20 idioms and phrasal verbs that convey the concept of necessity, along with their meanings and example sentences.

1. Have to

Meaning: Must do
Example: I have to finish this.

2. Need to

Meaning: Require action
Example: You need to call him.

3. Must

Meaning: Absolutely necessary
Example: You must attend the meeting.

4. Be required to

Meaning: Obliged to
Example: Employees are required to sign in.

5. Be compelled to

Meaning: Forced to
Example: She was compelled to speak.

6. Be obliged to

Meaning: Legally bound to
Example: He is obliged to pay.

7. Have got to

Meaning: Must
Example: We’ve got to leave now.

8. Be bound to

Meaning: Certain to
Example: It’s bound to happen.

9. Be forced to

Meaning: Made to
Example: They were forced to surrender.

10. Be under obligation

Meaning: Required
Example: She’s under obligation to testify.

11. Be duty-bound

Meaning: Morally obliged
Example: He felt duty-bound to help.

12. Be necessary to

Meaning: Needed for
Example: It’s necessary to confirm.

13. Be compelled by

Meaning: Driven by
Example: She was compelled by duty.

14. Can’t avoid

Meaning: Must face
Example: You can’t avoid the truth.

15. Have no choice but

Meaning: Forced
Example: I have no choice but to wait.

16. Be mandated to

Meaning: Required
Example: Masks are mandated to wear.

17. Be essential to

Meaning: Crucial for
Example: Water is essential to life.

18. Cannot do without

Meaning: Need
Example: We cannot do without him.

19. Be indispensable

Meaning: Absolutely necessary
Example: She is indispensable to us.

20. Have no option but

Meaning: Forced
Example: He had no option but to leave.

Expressions Related to Necessity