Learn 20 Expressions Related to Tears

Tears are a universal human experience, often evoking deep emotions and significant moments. Whether from joy, sadness, or overwhelming relief, tears speak a language of their own. In this blog post, we explore 20 expressions and idioms related to tears. These phrases enrich our conversations by describing the complex world of emotions that tears often accompany. Let’s delve into these expressions, their meanings, and examples to better understand and express the phenomena of tears.

Expressions Related to Tears

1. Cry Over Spilled Milk

Meaning: To be upset about something that cannot be undone.

Example: He’s crying over spilled milk after losing the game.

2. Tears of Joy

Meaning: Crying because you are very happy.

Example: She shed tears of joy at her graduation.

3. Burst into Tears

Meaning: Suddenly start crying.

Example: He burst into tears after hearing the news.

4. Crocodile Tears

Meaning: Fake tears or insincere sadness.

Example: She showed crocodile tears at the farewell.

5. Shed a Tear

Meaning: To cry, usually silently and gently.

Example: He didn’t even shed a tear at the movie.

6. Drown One’s Sorrows

Meaning: To drink alcohol to forget sadness.

Example: He went to the bar to drown his sorrows.

7. Tear-Stained

Meaning: Marked or wet with tears.

Example: She left behind a tear-stained letter.

8. In Tears

Meaning: Crying.

Example: She was in tears after the argument.

9. A Shoulder to Cry On

Meaning: Someone who listens to your problems.

Example: He was always her shoulder to cry on.

10. Cry Your Heart Out

Meaning: Cry very hard.

Example: She cried her heart out when she moved away.

11. Cry Your Eyes Out

Meaning: To cry excessively.

Example: He cried his eyes out all night.

12. Tears Stream Down

Meaning: Tears flow freely down one’s face.

Example: Tears streamed down her face at the ceremony.

13. Cry a River

Meaning: Cry a lot, exaggeratedly.

Example: She could cry a river for every small mistake.

14. Cry the Blues

Meaning: To feel very sad.

Example: He’s been crying the blues since she left.

15. Keep Back the Tears

Meaning: Try not to cry.

Example: She kept back the tears during the speech.

16. Wipe Away the Tears

Meaning: To stop crying and remove tears.

Example: He wiped away his tears and smiled.

17. Tears Roll Down

Meaning: Tears physically rolling down the face.

Example: Tears rolled down his cheeks as he waved goodbye.

18. Eyes Brimming with Tears

Meaning: Eyes filled up with tears, close to spilling over.

Example: Her eyes were brimming with tears during the toast.

19. Tear Up

Meaning: To begin to cry.

Example: She teared up when she saw the old photo.

20. Flood of Tears

Meaning: A large amount of tears.

Example: A flood of tears fell when she heard the song.

Expressions Related to Tears