Learn 20 Expressions Related to Weather

Weather plays a significant role in our daily lives and conversations. Understanding and using weather-related idioms and phrasal verbs can make your English more vivid and engaging. Here are 20 expressions related to weather, complete with meanings and example sentences, to enhance your vocabulary.

1. Under the weather

Meaning: Feeling ill
Example: I’m feeling under the weather today.

2. Rain on someone’s parade

Meaning: Ruin someone’s plans
Example: Don’t rain on my parade with bad news.

3. Take a rain check

Meaning: Postpone something
Example: Can we take a rain check on dinner?

4. Come rain or shine

Meaning: No matter what
Example: I’ll be there, come rain or shine.

5. Save for a rainy day

Meaning: Save for future need
Example: You should save for a rainy day.

6. Storm in a teacup

Meaning: Exaggerated fuss
Example: It’s just a storm in a teacup, don’t worry.

7. Every cloud has a silver lining

Meaning: There’s good in bad
Example: Remember, every cloud has a silver lining.

8. It never rains but it pours

Meaning: Multiple troubles
Example: First the car broke down, then I lost my job – it never rains but it pours.

9. Be on cloud nine

Meaning: Extremely happy
Example: She was on cloud nine after the promotion.

10. Chase rainbows

Meaning: Pursue the impossible
Example: Stop chasing rainbows and get realistic.

11. Throw caution to the wind

Meaning: Act recklessly
Example: She threw caution to the wind and quit her job.

12. Break the ice

Meaning: Start conversation
Example: He told a joke to break the ice.

13. Calm before the storm

Meaning: Peace before trouble
Example: This is just the calm before the storm.

14. In the eye of the storm

Meaning: Center of trouble
Example: He was in the eye of the storm during the scandal.

15. Go with the wind

Meaning: Follow fate
Example: Just go with the wind and see where it takes you.

16. Have your head in the clouds

Meaning: Be unrealistic
Example: Stop daydreaming and get your head out of the clouds.

17. Make hay while the sun shines

Meaning: Take advantage
Example: Make hay while the sun shines and finish your work early.

18. On thin ice

Meaning: In a risky situation
Example: You’re on thin ice with your boss.

19. Snowball effect

Meaning: Escalating problem
Example: The situation quickly turned into a snowball effect.

20. Take by storm

Meaning: Captivate entirely
Example: The new movie took audiences by storm.

Expressions Related to Weather