Learn 20 Expressions Related to Freedom

Freedom is a fundamental human desire, encapsulated in various expressions that capture the essence of independence and liberation. In this post, we will explore 20 idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs that vividly describe the concept of freedom. These phrases are commonly used in English and will help you express the idea of freedom more colorfully and accurately.

1. Break Free

Meaning: Escape control
Example: She finally broke free from her controlling boss.

2. Fly the Coop

Meaning: Leave home
Example: At 18, he decided to fly the coop.

3. Cut Loose

Meaning: Act freely
Example: After the exams, they cut loose and partied.

4. Throw Off the Shackles

Meaning: Remove restrictions
Example: She threw off the shackles of her past.

5. Hit the Road

Meaning: Start a journey
Example: They hit the road for a cross-country trip.

6. Spread One’s Wings

Meaning: Become independent
Example: It’s time for you to spread your wings and explore.

7. Break the Chains

Meaning: Overcome limitations
Example: He broke the chains of his fears and succeeded.

8. Let Loose

Meaning: Relax and enjoy
Example: On weekends, he lets loose and unwinds.

9. Go One’s Own Way

Meaning: Act independently
Example: She decided to go her own way after graduation.

10. Shake Off

Meaning: Get rid of
Example: He shook off his worries and felt free.

11. Walk Free

Meaning: Be released
Example: The prisoner walked free after 10 years.

12. Cast Off

Meaning: Discard
Example: They cast off their doubts and started fresh.

13. Slip the Leash

Meaning: Escape control
Example: The dog slipped the leash and ran away.

14. Go Off the Grid

Meaning: Avoid detection
Example: She went off the grid to find peace.

15. Cut the Cord

Meaning: End dependency
Example: It’s time to cut the cord and live alone.

16. Break Away

Meaning: Become independent
Example: He broke away from the group to start his own project.

17. Spread the Wings of Freedom

Meaning: Embrace liberty
Example: She spread the wings of freedom and soared high.

18. Go Rogue

Meaning: Act independently
Example: He decided to go rogue and follow his own rules.

19. Fly Solo

Meaning: Act alone
Example: She chose to fly solo on this new venture.

20. Throw Off the Yoke

Meaning: Remove oppression
Example: The country threw off the yoke of dictatorship.

Expressions Related to Freedom