Learn 20 Expressions Related to Intention

Understanding and using expressions related to intention can enhance your English communication skills. These expressions can help you articulate your purpose, goals, and plans more effectively. In this blog post, you’ll learn 20 useful expressions related to intention, along with their meanings and example sentences.

Expressions Related to Intention

1. Bend Over Backwards

Meaning: Make a great effort
Example: She bent over backwards to help him.

2. Have One’s Heart Set On

Meaning: Be determined to
Example: He has his heart set on becoming a doctor.

3. Set One’s Sights On

Meaning: Aim for something
Example: She set her sights on winning the competition.

4. In Two Minds

Meaning: Undecided
Example: I’m in two minds about taking the job.

5. Make Up One’s Mind

Meaning: Decide
Example: He finally made up his mind about the trip.

6. Weigh Up The Pros and Cons

Meaning: Consider all options
Example: She weighed up the pros and cons before deciding.

7. Have It in Mind

Meaning: Plan to do
Example: I have it in mind to travel next year.

8. Put One’s Mind to

Meaning: Focus on
Example: He can achieve anything if he puts his mind to it.

9. Have Every Intention Of

Meaning: Fully intend to
Example: She has every intention of completing her degree.

10. Set One’s Heart On

Meaning: Strongly desire
Example: He set his heart on buying that car.

11. Leave No Stone Unturned

Meaning: Try every possible way
Example: They left no stone unturned in their search.

12. Pull Out All the Stops

Meaning: Do everything possible
Example: We pulled out all the stops to make it perfect.

13. Stick to One’s Guns

Meaning: Maintain one’s position
Example: She stuck to her guns despite criticism.

14. Have Something Up One’s Sleeve

Meaning: Have a secret plan
Example: He always has something up his sleeve.

15. Be Dead Set On

Meaning: Be determined
Example: She is dead set on becoming a lawyer.

16. Keep One’s Eye On The Ball

Meaning: Stay focused
Example: He always keeps his eye on the ball at work.

17. Play It By Ear

Meaning: Act without planning
Example: Let’s play it by ear and see what happens.

18. Leave Something to Chance

Meaning: Not plan
Example: He left nothing to chance for the event.

19. Go All Out

Meaning: Put maximum effort
Example: They went all out for their wedding.

20. On the Drawing Board

Meaning: In the planning stage
Example: The project is still on the drawing board.

Expressions Related to Intention