Learn 20 Expressions Related to Surprise

Surprise can add excitement to our conversations. Whether you’re sharing unexpected news or reacting to a sudden event, knowing the right expressions can make your speech more engaging. Here are 20 expressions that will help you convey surprise effectively in various situations.

Expressions Related to Surprise

1. Blow someone’s mind

Meaning: Amaze someone
Example: The fireworks show blew my mind!

2. Jump out of one’s skin

Meaning: Be extremely surprised
Example: I almost jumped out of my skin when he appeared.

3. Take aback

Meaning: Shock or surprise
Example: I was taken aback by the sudden change.

4. Knock someone’s socks off

Meaning: Greatly impress
Example: Her performance knocked my socks off!

5. Out of the blue

Meaning: Unexpectedly
Example: He called me out of the blue last night.

6. Drop a bombshell

Meaning: Announce surprising news
Example: She dropped a bombshell about moving abroad.

7. Raise eyebrows

Meaning: Cause surprise or shock
Example: His bold statement raised a few eyebrows.

8. Take by storm

Meaning: Surprise greatly
Example: The new singer took the audience by storm.

9. Take someone by surprise

Meaning: Unexpectedly surprise
Example: The sudden storm took us by surprise.

10. Blindsided

Meaning: Completely surprised
Example: I was blindsided by his sudden resignation.

11. Out of nowhere

Meaning: Suddenly, unexpectedly
Example: The solution appeared out of nowhere.

12. Catch off guard

Meaning: Surprise unexpectedly
Example: The news caught me off guard.

13. Knock for a loop

Meaning: Astonish
Example: The news knocked me for a loop.

14. Catch by surprise

Meaning: Take unexpectedly
Example: The question caught him by surprise.

15. Blow away

Meaning: Astonish greatly
Example: The results blew me away.

16. Stun into silence

Meaning: Shock speechless
Example: The news stunned everyone into silence.

17. Knock the wind out of

Meaning: Surprise greatly
Example: The verdict knocked the wind out of me.

18. Startle

Meaning: Surprise suddenly
Example: The loud noise startled the cat.

19. Floor someone

Meaning: Astonish
Example: Her talent floored everyone at the event.

20. Turn up unexpectedly

Meaning: Appear without warning
Example: He turned up unexpectedly at the party.

Expressions Related to Surprise