Learn 20 Expressions Related to Wealth

Understanding expressions related to wealth can enhance your communication skills, especially when discussing financial matters. This blog post covers 20 common expressions that capture various aspects of wealth, providing you with both meanings and examples to use in everyday conversations.

1. Rolling in dough

Meaning: Very wealthy
Example: After his business took off, he was rolling in dough.

2. Born with a silver spoon

Meaning: Born wealthy
Example: She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

3. Make a killing

Meaning: Earn a lot quickly
Example: They made a killing in the stock market.

4. Cash cow

Meaning: Steady money source
Example: The new product became their cash cow.

5. Money talks

Meaning: Money influences decisions
Example: In politics, money talks louder than words.

6. Filthy rich

Meaning: Extremely wealthy
Example: That tech mogul is filthy rich.

7. Strike it rich

Meaning: Suddenly become rich
Example: He struck it rich with his latest invention.

8. Rags to riches

Meaning: Poor to wealthy
Example: Her story is a true rags to riches tale.

9. Nest egg

Meaning: Savings
Example: They have a substantial nest egg for retirement.

10. Feather one’s nest

Meaning: Enrich oneself
Example: He’s been feathering his nest for years.

11. Penny-pinching

Meaning: Frugal with money
Example: Despite their wealth, they are very penny-pinching.

12. Bring home the bacon

Meaning: Earn money for family
Example: He works hard to bring home the bacon.

13. Midas touch

Meaning: Ability to make money
Example: Everything he invests in turns to gold; he has the Midas touch.

14. Deep pockets

Meaning: Having a lot of money
Example: The charity event was sponsored by people with deep pockets.

15. Pay through the nose

Meaning: Pay too much
Example: We had to pay through the nose for those tickets.

16. Live in the lap of luxury

Meaning: Live very comfortably
Example: They live in the lap of luxury after winning the lottery.

17. In the black

Meaning: Profitable
Example: The company has been in the black for years.

18. Break the bank

Meaning: Spend all money
Example: That car will break the bank if you buy it.

19. Foot the bill

Meaning: Pay the expenses
Example: Her parents will foot the bill for her wedding.

20. Money to burn

Meaning: Extra money
Example: He’s got money to burn and spends lavishly.

Expressions Related to Wealth