Learn 20 Expressions Related to Sickness

When someone is feeling under the weather, we often turn to specific phrases and idioms to describe their condition. These expressions enrich our language, allowing us to convey the nuances of sickness with a touch of empathy or humor. From mild colds to serious illnesses, the English language has a colorful palette of ways to express these states. Here are 20 expressions related to sickness, complete with concise meanings and examples to help you understand and use them accurately.

Expressions Related to Sickness

1. Under the Weather

Meaning: Feeling slightly ill.

Example: I’m staying home today because I’m under the weather.

2. Sick as a Dog

Meaning: Very sick.

Example: He’s been sick as a dog all week.

3. On the Mend

Meaning: Recovering from an illness.

Example: She’s on the mend after her surgery.

4. Out of Sorts

Meaning: Feeling mildly ill or upset.

Example: He’s out of sorts today, probably a bad cold.

5. Feeling Rough

Meaning: Feeling quite ill.

Example: I’m feeling rough this morning; I shouldn’t have eaten so much last night.

6. Down with Something

Meaning: Suffering from an illness.

Example: She’s down with the flu.

7. Bedridden

Meaning: Confined to bed due to illness.

Example: After the accident, he was bedridden for months.

8. As Pale as a Ghost

Meaning: Looking very sick.

Example: You’re as pale as a ghost; maybe you should see a doctor.

9. At Death’s Door

Meaning: Extremely ill, close to dying.

Example: He was at death’s door until the medicine started working.

10. Come Down With

Meaning: Start to suffer from a contagious illness.

Example: I think I’ve come down with your cold.

11. Knocked Out

Meaning: Exhausted or incapacitated, often from illness.

Example: I was knocked out for a week with that virus.

12. Laid Up

Meaning: Unable to get out of bed due to illness.

Example: She’s been laid up with back problems.

13. Run Down

Meaning: Tired or slightly ill.

Example: He’s looking run down after all that travel.

14. Take a Turn for the Worse

Meaning: Suddenly become sicker.

Example: Her condition took a turn for the worse overnight.

15. Fighting Off

Meaning: Trying to recover from an illness.

Example: He’s fighting off a nasty cough.

16. Sick to One’s Stomach

Meaning: Feeling nausea or an urge to vomit.

Example: That food left me feeling sick to my stomach.

17. In a Bad Way

Meaning: Seriously ill.

Example: After the diagnosis, he was in a bad way.

18. Not Up to Par

Meaning: Not feeling or performing as well as usual.

Example: I’m not up to par today, might need to rest.

19. Feeling Off

Meaning: Feeling unwell or abnormal.

Example: I skipped breakfast because I was feeling off.

20. Bouncing Back

Meaning: Recovering well from an illness.

Example: He’s bouncing back quickly from the pneumonia.

Expressions Related to Sickness