Learn 20 Expressions Related to Independence

Independence is a valuable trait that empowers individuals to take control of their lives and make decisions confidently. Learning expressions related to independence can enhance your ability to express yourself more clearly and assertively. Here are 20 expressions that embody the spirit of independence.

Expressions Related to Independence

1. Stand on one’s own two feet

Meaning: Be self-reliant.
Example: She learned to stand on her own two feet.

2. Break free

Meaning: Escape control.
Example: He broke free from his controlling parents.

3. Carve out one’s own path

Meaning: Create one’s own way.
Example: She carved out her own path in business.

4. Call the shots

Meaning: Make decisions.
Example: In her job, she calls the shots.

5. Do one’s own thing

Meaning: Act independently.
Example: He prefers to do his own thing.

6. Blaze a trail

Meaning: Pioneer new ways.
Example: She blazed a trail in tech innovation.

7. March to the beat of one’s own drum

Meaning: Act uniquely.
Example: He always marches to the beat of his own drum.

8. Go it alone

Meaning: Do without help.
Example: She decided to go it alone in her career.

9. Break the mold

Meaning: Do differently.
Example: He broke the mold in artistic expression.

10. Hold one’s own

Meaning: Remain independent.
Example: She held her own in the debate.

11. Take the reins

Meaning: Assume control.
Example: He took the reins of the family business.

12. Cut the cord

Meaning: Become independent.
Example: It’s time for him to cut the cord.

13. Stand one’s ground

Meaning: Maintain position.
Example: She stood her ground against unfair treatment.

14. Break away

Meaning: Leave a group.
Example: He broke away to start his own company.

15. Go off on one’s own

Meaning: Act independently.
Example: She went off on her own to travel.

16. Take the plunge

Meaning: Commit independently.
Example: He took the plunge into entrepreneurship.

17. Strike out on one’s own

Meaning: Start independently.
Example: She struck out on her own after college.

18. Make one’s own way

Meaning: Be self-reliant.
Example: He made his own way in life.

19. Fly solo

Meaning: Act alone.
Example: She decided to fly solo in the project.

20. Take charge

Meaning: Assume control.
Example: He took charge of the situation confidently.

Expressions Related to Independence