Learn 20 Expressions Related to Memory

Memory is a cornerstone of our identity, influencing how we learn, interact, and perceive the world. Our language is rich with expressions and idioms that describe the act of remembering and forgetting, each adding color and depth to our daily conversations. This post delves into 20 expressions related to memory, offering a brief look into their meanings and practical examples to help you incorporate them into your vocabulary effectively.

Expressions Related to Memory

1. Jog someone’s memory

Meaning: To cause someone to remember something.

Example: I showed him the photo to jog his memory.

2. Trip down memory lane

Meaning: Remembering pleasant past experiences.

Example: Looking at old photos, we took a trip down memory lane.

3. Memory like a sieve

Meaning: A poor memory.

Example: I need to write things down; I have a memory like a sieve.

4. Walk down memory lane

Meaning: To reminisce about the past.

Example: Our reunion was a walk down memory lane.

5. If memory serves

Meaning: If I remember correctly.

Example: If memory serves, we met in 1998.

6. A blast from the past

Meaning: Something that evokes nostalgia.

Example: Running into my college roommate was a blast from the past.

7. Etched in my memory

Meaning: Remembered very clearly.

Example: That day is etched in my memory.

8. Memory fades

Meaning: Gradually forget something over time.

Example: As years passed, the memory faded.

9. Keep the memory alive

Meaning: Continue to remember someone or something.

Example: We plant flowers every year to keep her memory alive.

10. Lost in thought

Meaning: Deeply engrossed in remembering or thinking.

Example: He was so lost in thought that he missed his stop.

11. Out of sight, out of mind

Meaning: Quickly forgotten once no longer visible.

Example: After he moved away, it was out of sight, out of mind.

12. Cast your mind back

Meaning: Try to remember something.

Example: Cast your mind back to our last meeting.

13. Slip one’s mind

Meaning: To forget something.

Example: I’m sorry, your birthday just slipped my mind!

14. Rack your brain

Meaning: Think very hard to remember or solve something.

Example: I’ve been racking my brain all day but can’t remember the title.

15. A memory to cherish

Meaning: A special memory worth remembering.

Example: Our trip to Paris is a memory to cherish.

16. Spring to mind

Meaning: To come quickly to mind.

Example: When asked about a destination, Italy springs to mind.

17. It’s on the tip of my tongue

Meaning: Almost able to remember something.

Example: His name is on the tip of my tongue.

18. Come flooding back

Meaning: Suddenly remember something very clearly.

Example: Seeing my old house made the memories come flooding back.

19. Wipe the slate clean

Meaning: To forget past disagreements or mistakes.

Example: Let’s wipe the slate clean and start afresh.

20. Mind goes blank

Meaning: Unable to think or remember.

Example: During the interview, my mind just went blank.

Expressions Related to Memory