Learn 20 Expressions Related to Ease

We all seek ease in our lives, whether it’s in our daily routines, at work, or in our relationships. Using the right expressions can convey a sense of simplicity and comfort. In this blog post, we’ll explore 20 expressions related to ease, each with a short meaning and a brief example to help you incorporate them into your everyday conversations.

Expressions Related to Ease

1. Easy as pie

Meaning: Very easy
Example: The math problem was easy as pie.

2. Piece of cake

Meaning: Simple task
Example: Fixing the computer was a piece of cake for him.

3. Breeze through

Meaning: Do something effortlessly
Example: She breezed through the exam without any trouble.

4. No sweat

Meaning: No difficulty
Example: Completing the project was no sweat for the experienced team.

5. Smooth sailing

Meaning: Without problems
Example: After the initial setup, it was smooth sailing.

6. Like a hot knife through butter

Meaning: Very easily
Example: The knife went through the bread like a hot knife through butter.

7. Child’s play

Meaning: Extremely easy
Example: For him, coding is child’s play.

8. Walk in the park

Meaning: Easy and enjoyable
Example: The job interview was a walk in the park.

9. Hand in glove

Meaning: Perfectly suited
Example: The solution fit the problem like hand in glove.

10. Push over

Meaning: Easily defeated
Example: The team was a pushover in the game.

11. To take it easy

Meaning: Relax and not stress
Example: After a busy week, I decided to take it easy.

12. Easy does it

Meaning: Do something gently
Example: Easy does it when handling the fragile vase.

13. On easy street

Meaning: Living comfortably
Example: After winning the lottery, they were on easy street.

14. Plain sailing

Meaning: Smooth and uncomplicated
Example: After solving the initial issues, it was plain sailing.

15. To sail through

Meaning: Succeed easily
Example: She sailed through the final exams with top marks.

16. To have it easy

Meaning: To live without difficulty
Example: Compared to others, he has it easy in life.

17. Like falling off a log

Meaning: Extremely easy
Example: Learning to ride a bike was like falling off a log for her.

18. To let up

Meaning: To become less intense
Example: Once the workload let up, they could relax.

19. Without breaking a sweat

Meaning: Easily and effortlessly
Example: He finished the race without breaking a sweat.

20. In the bag

Meaning: Assured of success
Example: With her skills, the promotion was in the bag.

Expressions Related to Ease