Learn 20 Expressions Related to Knowledge

In today’s fast-paced world, knowledge is a critical asset. This blog post explores 20 unique expressions that relate to understanding and wisdom, enhancing your linguistic toolkit.

1. Hit the books

Meaning: Start studying
Example: She hit the books the night before the exam.

2. Burn the midnight oil

Meaning: Study late into the night
Example: He often burns the midnight oil during finals week.

3. Learn the ropes

Meaning: Acquire basic knowledge
Example: The first week on the job is about learning the ropes.

4. Wrap one’s head around

Meaning: Understand something complex
Example: It took me a while to wrap my head around quantum physics.

5. Brush up on

Meaning: Improve knowledge on a subject
Example: She’s brushing up on her Spanish for the trip.

6. Get the hang of

Meaning: Understand how to do something
Example: He finally got the hang of algebra.

7. Come to grips with

Meaning: Begin to understand
Example: She is coming to grips with her new responsibilities.

8. Rack one’s brains

Meaning: Think very hard
Example: He racked his brains to solve the puzzle.

9. Pick someone’s brain

Meaning: Get information from someone
Example: Can I pick your brain about web design?

10. Grasp the concept

Meaning: Understand a complex idea
Example: He quickly grasped the concept of supply and demand.

11. Connect the dots

Meaning: Understand the relationship
Example: She connected the dots between the clues.

12. Get to the bottom of

Meaning: Find the true explanation
Example: We must get to the bottom of this outage.

13. Put two and two together

Meaning: Draw a conclusion from the information
Example: She put two and two together and realized the truth.

14. Have a handle on

Meaning: Understand thoroughly
Example: He has a handle on the new software.

15. Shed light on

Meaning: Clarify, make easier to understand
Example: This study sheds light on important issues.

16. Keep up with

Meaning: Stay at the same level of knowledge
Example: It’s hard to keep up with the latest technologies.

17. Hammer into

Meaning: Teach by repetition
Example: My teacher hammered the formulas into us.

18. Jog one’s memory

Meaning: Cause someone to remember
Example: Does this photo jog your memory?

19. Leap to conclusions

Meaning: Decide too hastily
Example: Don’t leap to conclusions without all the facts.

20. Piece together

Meaning: Understand by considering all the information
Example: Detectives pieced together the evidence at the scene.

Expressions Related to Knowledge