Learn 20 Expressions Related to Discomfort

Feeling discomfort is a common human experience, and having the right expressions can help you articulate these feelings more effectively. Here are 20 expressions that convey various forms of discomfort, each with a brief meaning and an example sentence to illustrate its use.

1. On Edge

Meaning: Nervous, anxious
Example: She felt on edge during the meeting.

2. Under the Weather

Meaning: Feeling ill
Example: He’s been under the weather all week.

3. A Pain in the Neck

Meaning: Annoying
Example: This project is a pain in the neck.

4. Rub the Wrong Way

Meaning: Irritate
Example: His comments rubbed me the wrong way.

5. Bite the Bullet

Meaning: Endure pain
Example: She had to bite the bullet and finish it.

6. Burn the Midnight Oil

Meaning: Stay up late
Example: I burned the midnight oil to meet the deadline.

7. Feel Like Death Warmed Over

Meaning: Very ill
Example: After the flu, he felt like death warmed over.

8. Throw a Wrench in the Works

Meaning: Cause problems
Example: His late arrival threw a wrench in the works.

9. Have Butterflies in Stomach

Meaning: Nervousness
Example: She had butterflies in her stomach before the test.

10. Walk on Eggshells

Meaning: Be cautious
Example: We walked on eggshells around our strict boss.

11. Get Cold Feet

Meaning: Hesitate
Example: He got cold feet before the wedding.

12. Put Through the Wringer

Meaning: Suffer
Example: The team was put through the wringer last season.

13. Have Ants in Pants

Meaning: Unable to sit still
Example: The kids had ants in their pants during the trip.

14. Break Out in a Cold Sweat

Meaning: Fear
Example: He broke out in a cold sweat before the speech.

15. Catch One’s Breath

Meaning: Recover
Example: She had to catch her breath after running.

16. Make One’s Skin Crawl

Meaning: Feel disgusted
Example: Spiders make my skin crawl.

17. Feel the Heat

Meaning: Under pressure
Example: He felt the heat during the interview.

18. Hit a Nerve

Meaning: Upset someone
Example: His comments hit a nerve with her.

19. Out of Sorts

Meaning: Unwell
Example: She was out of sorts after the long flight.

20. Pull One’s Hair Out

Meaning: Frustrated
Example: I was pulling my hair out over the paperwork.

Expressions Related to Discomfort