Learn 20 Expressions Related to Wisdom

Wisdom is a valued trait that encompasses knowledge, experience, and good judgment. Using expressions related to wisdom can enhance your communication and convey deeper understanding. Here are 20 expressions that reflect the essence of wisdom.

1. Bite the bullet

Meaning: Face difficulty bravely.
Example: She decided to bite the bullet and apologize.

2. Burn the midnight oil

Meaning: Work late into the night.
Example: He burned the midnight oil to finish the project.

3. Hit the nail on the head

Meaning: Be exactly right.
Example: Her analysis hit the nail on the head.

4. Keep your chin up

Meaning: Stay positive.
Example: Despite the setbacks, he kept his chin up.

5. Know the ropes

Meaning: Be experienced.
Example: She knows the ropes in this industry.

6. Let the cat out of the bag

Meaning: Reveal a secret.
Example: He let the cat out of the bag accidentally.

7. Look before you leap

Meaning: Think before acting.
Example: You should look before you leap in investments.

8. Play it by ear

Meaning: Act without planning.
Example: We’ll play it by ear and adjust as needed.

9. Pull the wool over someone’s eyes

Meaning: Deceive someone.
Example: They tried to pull the wool over his eyes.

10. Read between the lines

Meaning: Understand the hidden meaning.
Example: She read between the lines of his message.

11. Speak of the devil

Meaning: The person appears when mentioned.
Example: Speak of the devil, here he comes!

12. Steal someone’s thunder

Meaning: Take credit for another’s idea.
Example: He stole her thunder during the meeting.

13. Take it with a grain of salt

Meaning: Be skeptical.
Example: Take his advice with a grain of salt.

14. The ball is in your court

Meaning: It’s your decision.
Example: Now, the ball is in your court to decide.

15. The writing on the wall

Meaning: Obvious impending doom.
Example: The writing on the wall was clear to everyone.

16. Throw in the towel

Meaning: Give up.
Example: He decided to throw in the towel after many attempts.

17. Turn a blind eye

Meaning: Ignore something.
Example: She turned a blind eye to his mistakes.

18. Under the weather

Meaning: Feeling ill.
Example: He’s feeling under the weather today.

19. Water under the bridge

Meaning: Past events forgotten.
Example: Their argument is water under the bridge now.

20. You can’t judge a book by its cover

Meaning: Appearances can be deceiving.
Example: You can’t judge a book by its cover in this case.

Expressions Related to Wisdom