135 Examples of Simple Present Tense Sentences

Simple Present Tense is a term used in the English language to refer to a verb tense that shows actions that happen usually or always. The Simple Present Tense is also called “Indefinite Tense” because it does not describe a specific action reliably. Instead, it merely states an activity as if it occurs regularly or repeatedly without much stress on the frequency of occurrence.

Examples of Simple Present Tense Sentences

  1. The river flows through the city.
  2. Snow covers the ground in the winter.
  3. You drink coffee in the morning.
  4. She cooks dinner for her family.
  5. She writes in her journal every day.
  6. She paints landscapes beautifully.
  7. We travel by bus to work.
  8. You swim in the pool during the summer.
  9. I feed the birds in the park.
  10. He brushes his teeth before bed.
  11. Birds usually fly south for the winter.
  12. He plants trees in the backyard.
  13. The sun gives us light and warmth.
  14. He listens to music on his headphones.
  15. She uses a computer at work.
  16. He reads the newspaper every day.
  17. She watches her favorite show every week.
  18. I like to watch movies.
  19. I work at a restaurant.
  20. He lifts weights at the gym.
  21. The grass grows in the spring.
  22. Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius.
  23. The moon appears in the sky.
  24. The wind blows strongly in the autumn.
  25. We listen to music in the car.
  26. They laugh at funny jokes.
  27. We share our lunch with friends.
  28. We clean the house on Saturdays.
  29. He always wears a seatbelt.
  30. The moon orbits around the Earth.
  31. The Earth revolves around the sun.
  32. She reads a book in the evening.
  33. She prefers tea over coffee.
  34. He fixes cars for a living.
  35. The sun sets in the west.
  36. We bake cookies on weekends.
  37. We watch TV in the evening.
  38. He teaches history at a school.
  39. You ride your bike to school.
  40. I speak French fluently.
  41. The door squeaks when opened.
  42. You brush your teeth twice a day.
  43. The ice melts in the sun.
  44. We watch TV after dinner.
  45. She wears glasses to read.
  46. We carry umbrellas when it rains.
  47. He catches the ball during the game.
  48. The stars form constellations in the sky.
  49. We dance at parties.
  50. She enjoys hiking in the mountains.
  51. The kettle whistles when boiling.
  52. You drive a car to work.
  53. We celebrate birthdays with cake.
  54. He goes fishing on the weekends.
  55. I write emails to my friends.
  56. They listen to the radio in the morning.
  57. He studies astronomy as a hobby.
  58. They learn new things every day.
  59. The fish swims in the tank.
  60. It rains a lot in April.
  61. The sky gets dark at night.
  62. He plays the guitar in a band.
  63. You study for exams before the test.
  64. The sunflower turns towards the sun.
  65. You study for exams diligently.
  66. He always remembers his keys.
  67. I wear glasses to see.
  68. They travel to different countries for vacation.
  69. The seasons change throughout the year.
  70. The sun rises in the east.
  71. She folds her clothes neatly.
  72. The baby cries when hungry.
  73. You listen to music while you work.
  74. The clock ticks loudly.
  75. The cat purrs when happy.
  76. You always arrive on time.
  77. He watches sports on TV.
  78. We cook dinner together as a family.
  79. The computer processes information quickly.
  80. We learn new things every day.
  81. The windmill spins in the wind.
  82. You play video games with your friends.
  83. Cats chase mice.
  84. We write letters to our friends.
  85. They hike in the mountains on weekends.
  86. She sings beautifully.
  87. He likes to play soccer.
  88. The Earth orbits around the sun.
  89. She answers the phone politely.
  90. I live in New York City.
  91. We follow the rules at school.
  92. She listens to music when exercising.
  93. She washes her car on Saturdays.
  94. The car runs on gasoline.
  95. He mails letters at the post office.
  96. She waters her plants daily.
  97. She speaks English fluently.
  98. The snowflakes fall from the sky.
  99. You practice your instrument every day.
  100. Flowers bloom in the spring.
  101. We eat dinner at 6 pm.
  102. The cat sleeps on the windowsill.
  103. They play with their kids in the park.
  104. They play soccer on weekends.
  105. He writes poetry in his spare time.
  106. He jogs in the park every morning.
  107. She studies biology at college.
  108. We walk our dog in the park.
  109. I eat breakfast every morning.
  110. They study math at school.
  111. I enjoy reading books.
  112. We exercise to stay healthy.
  113. The stars twinkle at night.
  114. The wind blows in the trees.
  115. The tree loses its leaves in autumn.
  116. We draw pictures in art class.
  117. The phone rings when someone calls.
  118. She volunteers at a homeless shelter.
  119. She cooks dinner every night.
  120. He drinks coffee in the morning.
  121. She works at a hospital.
  122. Birds fly in the sky.
  123. They plant flowers in their garden.
  124. The teacher explains the lesson clearly.
  125. He always tells the truth.
  126. He works as a teacher.
  127. He drives to work every day.
  128. The train arrives at 8 AM.
  129. The plane lands at the airport.
  130. They enjoy swimming in the summer.
  131. I visit my grandparents on Sundays.
  132. They attend classes regularly.
  133. The trees lose their leaves in the fall.
  134. She cleans her room every week.
  135. We go to the beach in the summer.

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70 Examples of Simple Present Tense

70 Examples of Simple Present Tense

135 Examples of Simple Present Tense

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