50 Examples of Compound Words in Sentences

50 Examples of Compound Words in Sentences50 Examples of Compound Words in Sentences

  1. The camera is lunged at by a saltwater crocodile.
  2. She had no desire to do housework.
  3. The heartbeat can be seen in this graph.
  4. His greed proved to be his undoing.
  5. We were caught in the middle of a torrential downpour.
  6. She is the one who is in charge of the housework.
  7. Have you completed your homework?
  8. With your ear pressed against a seashell?
  9. The happy couple is about to embark on their honeymoon.
  10. We’ll mail it, airmail it, or ship it to you.
  11. The aircraft has or is carrying a seven-person crew.
  12. They can’t make up their minds about where they want to spend their honeymoon.
  13. The government’s honeymoon period is now over.
  14. Drunk driving is a leading cause of highway fatalities.
  15. Her heartbeat gradually returned to normal.
  16. The doorbell rang, and she answered it.
  17. The children’s bonfire was put out by a downpour of rain.
  18. The doorbell had been ringing.
  19. His sincerity had been his undoing.
  20. The runway was blocked by a small aircraft.
  21. Are you willing to assist me in loading the dishwasher?
  22. It should be sent via airmail or airmail.
  23. Finish your homework first, then wash my car, if you haven’t already.
  24. Armoured cars surround the airfield.
  25. The doorbell has been ringing.
  26. Her racing heartbeat became apparent to her all of a sudden.
  27. The doorbell rang repeatedly.
  28. The highway connects the two cities.
  29. He collapsed into an armchair, exhausted.
  30. We’ll mail it, airmail it, or ship it to you.
  31. The honeymoon was over by 1987.
  32. This screwdriver has a magnet attached to it.
  33. The water in the saucepan had completely evaporated.
  34. His aircraft is building model aeroplanes.
  35. What’s the best place to find a lot of saltwater?
  36. While in the air, aircraft may require fuel.
  37. In a heartbeat, things can change.
  38. Without a dishwasher, I can get by.
  39. She collapsed into an armchair.
  40. The highway and the railway run parallel to each other.
  41. Vicky’s dark head peeked out from beneath the bedspread.
  42. In a small saucepan, soften the butter mixture.
  43. Congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful honeymoon.
  44. Martha sagged uncomfortably in an armchair.
  45. She used airmail to send the letter.
  46. The plane flew low over the airfield.
  47. She used a screwdriver to stab him in the arm.
  48. We’ll need a one-horsepower motor.
  49. The aircraft‘s return flight was delayed.
  50. When the doorbell rang, he was half-dressed.