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List of adjectives to describe Places | Download PDF

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List of Adjectives to Describe a Place! All important daily use positive and negative adjectives words are listed here to describe a place, like amazing, beautiful, notorious, well known, etc.

List of Adjectives to Describe Places

  • Beautiful
  • Boring
  • Bustling
  • Charming
  • Contemporary
  • Compact
  • Vast
  • Notorious
  • Amazing
  • Suitable
  • Perfect
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Crowded
  • Exciting
  • Rushy
  • Expensive
  • Rare
  • Unique
  • Famous
  • Fantastic
  • Huge
  • Fascinating
  • Lively
  • Inexpensive
  • Popular
  • Picture square
  • Touristy
  • Valuable
  • Heart touchy
  • Catchy
  • Ghostly
  • Heaven
  • Hell
  • Marvelous
  • Ruined
  • Devastated
  • Moisty
  • Cold
  • Hot

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Beautiful– (attractive, pleasing)

Pakistan is a beautiful place to visit.

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Boring-(dull, teasing)

The trip to Hong Kong was boring.


Bustling- (crowded, full)

He is always bustling about the home.


Charming– (likeable, pleasing)

This is such a charming place.


Contemporary– (current, present, modern)

Contemporary artists were selected.


Compact– (small sized, congested)

Her city is compact to enjoy.


Vast– (huge, broad, wide)

She is living in a vast house.


Notorious– (defamed place)

This city is notorious for the rude behavior of its people.


Amazing- (pleasing, heart touching)

This site is amazing to enjoy the life.


Suitable- (according to desire, perfect)

That restaurant was suitable for me.


Cosmopolitan– (International)

As a student city, York is big enough to feel cosmopolitan.


Crowded- (filled with people)

Bazar was crowded with people.


Exciting– (stirring, thrilling)

The park is an exciting place for kids.


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Rushy- (Crowded)

The shopping malls are rushy places during weekends.


Expensive– (costly)

The buildings in New York are Expensive.


Rare- (uncommon, unique)

Kashmir is the rare place in the world.


Unique– (special, uncommon)

The Sahara desert is the unique one.


Famous– (well known, popular)

Dubai is a famous place.


Catchy– (captivating)

The scenes at the sea are very catchy.


Ghostly- (full of ghosts, ghost like)

His house is very ghostly.



Kashmir is a cold place.

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list of positive adjectives to describe places

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