20+ Best Words to Describe Desire, Adjectives for Desire

Desire, a profound human emotion that dwells within us all, is a compelling force that shapes our dreams, ambitions, and connections. It is the fervent longing, the burning urge to attain something of significance, be it material or emotional. Describing desire requires a rich tapestry of words that evoke the intensity and complexity of this innate feeling. From yearning and craving to aspiration and hunger, the lexicon of desire weaves a vivid portrait of human longing, revealing the depths of our hearts and the aspirations that drive us forward. Let’s delve into this captivating world of words and unravel the intricate emotions behind our desires.

Adjectives for Desire

Here are the 20 Most Popular adjectives for desire:

  1. Ardent
  2. Burning
  3. Covetous
  4. Eager
  5. Fervent
  6. Hungry
  7. Intense
  8. Longing
  9. Passionate
  10. Yearning
  11. Zealous
  12. Ambitious
  13. Craving
  14. Enthusiastic
  15. Impassioned
  16. Lusty
  17. Obsessive
  18. Yearning
  19. Thirsty
  20. Unquenchable

Words to Describe Desire with Meanings

  1. Ardent: Intense and passionate desire.
  2. Burning: Fiery and fervent longing.
  3. Covetous: Greedy and eager craving.
  4. Eager: Enthusiastic and keen aspiration.
  5. Fervent: Intensely enthusiastic desire.
  6. Hungry: Strong and insatiable yearning.
  7. Intense: Powerful and concentrated longing.
  8. Longing: Deep and wistful aspiration.
  9. Passionate: Strongly fervent and emotional desire.
  10. Yearning: A strong and persistent longing.
  11. Zealous: Enthusiastically devoted and passionate desire.
  12. Ambitious: Strongly determined and aspiring desire.
  13. Craving: Intense and compelling longing.
  14. Enthusiastic: Eagerly enthusiastic and spirited desire.
  15. Impassioned: Intensely emotional and fervent longing.
  16. Lusty: Strong and passionate desire.
  17. Obsessive: Excessively preoccupied and compulsive longing.
  18. Yearning: A strong and persistent longing (repeated word).
  19. Thirsty: Eager and craving desire.
  20. Unquenchable: Insatiable and unstoppable longing.

Example Sentences for Desire Adjectives

  1. She had an ardent desire to become a painter.
  2. The burning desire for success kept him going.
  3. He felt covetous of his friend’s new car.
  4. The young athlete was eager to win the race.
  5. The fervent plea touched everyone’s heart.
  6. After a long hike, they were hungry for food.
  7. Their intense love for each other was evident.
  8. The old man had a longing to see his homeland.
  9. He had a passionate dream of becoming an actor.
  10. Her yearning for adventure took her far away.
  11. His zealous pursuit of knowledge impressed others.
  12. She had ambitious plans for her career.
  13. The pregnant woman had a craving for pickles.
  14. The enthusiastic crowd cheered for their team.
  15. Her impassioned speech inspired the audience.
  16. Their lusty glances revealed their attraction.
  17. His obsessive need for perfection caused stress.
  18. The artist’s yearning for inspiration fueled her creativity.
  19. After the workout, they were thirsty for water.
  20. His unquenchable thirst for knowledge drove him forward.

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How to describe desire in writing?

Desires in writing can be depicted through evocative language, capturing intense longings, fervent passions, and ardent aspirations.

What is another word for strong desire?

A strong desire can also be referred to as a “fervent” longing or an “intense” craving.

What is a deep desire?

A deep desire signifies a profound and heartfelt longing for something significant and meaningful in one’s life.

Adjectives for Desire Words to Describe Desire