20+ Best Words to Describe Cough, Adjectives for Cough

In the realm of common respiratory ailments, a cough takes center stage as one of the most prevalent and easily recognizable symptoms. A cough is a reflex action that expels unwanted substances or irritants from the airways, acting as a vital defense mechanism for our respiratory system. However, not all coughs are the same, and understanding the various words used to describe this coughing sensation can shed light on the underlying causes, intensity, and characteristics of this often bothersome symptom. Let’s explore the diverse vocabulary associated with cough and gain insights into its multifaceted nature.

Adjectives for Cough

Here are the 20 Most Popular adjectives for cough:

  1. Barking
  2. Blaring
  3. Bothersome
  4. Brassy
  5. Croaky
  6. Dry
  7. Guttural
  8. Harsh
  9. Hoarse
  10. Hacking
  11. Irritating
  12. Loud
  13. Muffled
  14. Painful
  15. Persistent
  16. Raspy
  17. Resonant
  18. Scratchy
  19. Sharp
  20. Wheezing

Adjectives for “brassy cough”:

  1. Harsh
  2. Metallic
  3. Loud
  4. Resonant
  5. Piercing
  6. Strident
  7. Shrill
  8. Brass-like
  9. Unyielding
  10. Blaring

Adjectives for “hoarse cough”:

  1. Raspy
  2. Gruff
  3. Husky
  4. Scratchy
  5. Rough
  6. Croaky
  7. Guttural
  8. Hoarse-throated
  9. Strained
  10. Groggy

Adjectives for “bad cough”:

  1. Severe
  2. Persistent
  3. Intense
  4. Troublesome
  5. Distressing
  6. Debilitating
  7. Unrelenting
  8. Excessive
  9. Uncontrolled
  10. Aggravating

Words to Describe Cough with Meanings

  1. Barking: Harsh, explosive sound during coughing.
  2. Blaring: Loud and sharp coughing sound.
  3. Bothersome: Annoying or troublesome cough.
  4. Brassy: Cough with a metallic resonance.
  5. Croaky: Hoarse and rough-sounding cough.
  6. Dry: Cough without phlegm or mucus.
  7. Guttural: Deep and throaty cough.
  8. Harsh: Rough and grating cough.
  9. Hoarse: Cough with a rough voice.
  10. Hacking: Repeated and forceful coughing.
  11. Irritating: Cough causing discomfort or annoyance.
  12. Loud: Audible and noisy cough.
  13. Muffled: Indistinct or subdued cough sound.
  14. Painful: Cough causing physical discomfort.
  15. Persistent: Long-lasting and enduring cough.
  16. Raspy: Cough with a harsh, grating sound.
  17. Resonant: Deep and echoing cough.
  18. Scratchy: Rough and itchy cough sensation.
  19. Sharp: Sudden and intense coughing.
  20. Wheezing: Cough with a high-pitched whistling sound.

Example Sentences for Cough Adjectives

  1. The barking cough alarmed everyone in the room.
  2. His blaring cough disrupted the concert.
  3. The bothersome cough kept her awake all night.
  4. Her brassy cough sounded like a trumpet.
  5. He spoke with a croaky cough due to a cold.
  6. The doctor recommended a syrup for her dry cough.
  7. His guttural cough indicated a throat infection.
  8. She tried to suppress the harsh cough during the meeting.
  9. After days of shouting, he developed a hoarse cough.
  10. The hacking cough echoed through the quiet room.
  11. The dust in the air caused an irritating cough.
  12. The baby’s loud cough worried his parents.
  13. He spoke with a muffled cough, covering his mouth.
  14. The painful cough made her wince with each breath.
  15. Despite medication, the persistent cough persisted.
  16. Her raspy cough hinted at a throat irritation.
  17. The resonant cough reverberated in the empty hallway.
  18. The pollen in the air triggered a scratchy cough.
  19. He winced at the sharp pain from coughing.
  20. The wheezing cough indicated a possible asthma attack.

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How to describe cough in writing?

Describing a cough in writing involves using adjectives like “brassy,” “hoarse,” or “persistent” to convey its sound, intensity, and nature.

Is cough a noun or adjective?

Cough is a noun that refers to the action or sound of expelling air from the lungs involuntarily, typically due to irritation or illness.

How does cough sound like?

A cough can sound varied, such as “barking,” “blaring,” or “wheezing,” depending on the underlying cause and the individual’s respiratory condition.

Adjectives for Cough Words to Describe Cough