50 Sentences in Simple Present Tense

The English language is an incredibly versatile form of communication, and mastering its different tenses can be a tough but rewarding task. One of the most essential tenses to master is the Simple Present Tense. This article provides 50 sentences written in the Simple Present Tense to help you understand how it works and how to use it correctly. Each sentence provides an example of the tense so that you can get a better grasp on when and why to use it in writing or conversation.

50 Sentences in Simple Present Tense

50 sentences in simple present tense

  1. People who live in big cities don’t go to school on foot.
  2. Do the girls not prepare coffee for you every morning?
  3. Do the boys not walk home now?
  4. I do not finish my work at 6 o’clock every night.
  5. Do they not pack lunch for Ram?
  6. The baby sleeps for six hours.
  7. We ride our bicycles regularly.
  8. He eats an apple after his lunch regularly.
  9. Does Ram not go to school on foot?
  10. I do not wake up early in the morning.
  11. You do not ask questions in class.
  12. The baby sleeps regularly at night for two hours.
  13. They do not work in a company.
  14. I do not do my work now.
  15. The sun does not set in the west.
  16. She does not sleep now.
  17. We eat dinner at 7 pm.
  18. He does not dress properly.
  19. The plane does not land at 9 pm.
  20. I buy milk.
  21. We eat breakfast at 8 am.
  22. You buy vegetables.
  23. They don’t wear new dresses.
  24. He doesn’t read a book.
  25. He does not come to school by car.
  26. I study English.
  27. Ram does not play cricket with his friends on Sundays.
  28. Does he go to school walking,?
  29. She does not learn English daily.
  30. Do they not wash their clothes?
  31. She cleans her house.
  32. Do you not ride your bicycle in the afternoon?
  33. We exercise daily.
  34. He does not do his homework.
  35. Jack doesn’t wear an old dress.
  36. She does not cook for her mother.
  37. The sun does not rise from the west every morning.
  38. He does not eat an apple after breakfast.
  39. You do not prepare coffee for me.
  40. I do not watch matches on TV every weekend.
  41. He does not drive a car.
  42. He does not go to the market.
  43. They cut grass on the lawn.
  44. Do the boys sing songs now?
  45. The dog barks at strangers.
  46. The ocean waves crash on the shore.
  47. The clouds form in the sky.
  48. She always wears a hat.
  49. The earth rotates on its axis.
  50. Flowers bloom in the summer.

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