20 Examples of Comparative Adjectives in Sentences

20 Examples of Comparative Adjectives in Sentences! When learning to write, thoughtfully using comparative adjectives can be a great way to enliven writing and make it more interesting. Comparative adjectives are descriptive words that compare two things, such as bigger and smaller. They can be used in many different contexts, from creating vivid descriptions to adding emphasis and perspective. To help demonstrate how these words can be used, the following article provides 20 examples of comparative adjectives in sentences.

What is a Comparative Adjective?

A comparative adjective is a type of adjective used to compare two things, people, or ideas, and to indicate which one has more or less of a particular quality than the other. Comparative adjectives are typically formed by adding the suffix “-er” to the base form of the adjective, or by using the word “more” before the adjective.

For example, the comparative form of the adjective “tall” is “taller,” and the comparative form of the adjective “beautiful” is “more beautiful.”

Here are some examples of sentences using comparative adjectives:

  • My car is faster than yours.
  • This book is more interesting than that one.
  • Sarah is taller than her sister.
  • The movie was better than I expected.

Comparative adjectives are often used in conjunction with the word “than” to make comparisons between two things.

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20 Examples of Comparative Adjectives in Sentences

Here are 20 examples of comparative adjectives in sentences:

  1. My phone is lighter than yours.
  2. This pizza is tastier than the one I had yesterday.
  3. The line for the rollercoaster is longer than the one for the Ferris wheel.
  4. His new car is faster than his old one.
  5. The elephant is larger than the lion.
  6. My coffee is hotter than yours.
  7. Her dress is prettier than mine.
  8. The marathon is harder than the 5K.
  9. This restaurant is busier than the one we went to last night.
  10. The blueberries are sweeter than the raspberries.
  11. The second season of the show is better than the first.
  12. My dog is smarter than my cat.
  13. The skyscraper is taller than the church.
  14. The movie we saw last week was scarier than this one.
  15. His guitar playing is fancier than mine.
  16. The weather today is cooler than yesterday.
  17. This jacket is warmer than the one I wore yesterday.
  18. The exam was harder than I expected.
  19. The baby’s laugh is cuter than the puppy’s bark.
  20. My friend’s job is more stressful than mine.

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20 Examples of Comparative Adjectives



20 Examples of Comparative Adjectives in Sentences

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