+50 Examples of Transitive Verbs in Sentences

50 Examples of Transitive Verbs in Sentences! Verbs are powerful tools that can help us express our ideas and tell a story. They can also be classified in different ways, such as transitive and intransitive. Transitive verbs require the presence of an object to complete the meaning of the sentence, while intransitive verbs do not need an object in order to make sense.

Examples of Transitive Verbs in Sentences

  1. She admires the painting.
  2. He bought a new car.
  3. They planted a tree in the garden.
  4. I love your new hairstyle.
  5. The chef cooked a delicious meal.
  6. She wrote a letter to her friend.
  7. He kicked the ball into the goal.
  8. They painted the house last summer.
  9. I read the book you recommended.
  10. She broke the vase accidentally.
  11. He drank a cup of coffee in the morning.
  12. The teacher explained the lesson clearly.
  13. She lost her keys somewhere in the park.
  14. He changed his clothes after the workout.
  15. They watched a movie last night.
  16. I sent an email to my colleague.
  17. She played the piano beautifully.
  18. The dog chased the squirrel up the tree.
  19. He fixed the leaky faucet.
  20. She sold her old bicycle.
  21. The children built a sandcastle at the beach.
  22. She brushed her hair before leaving.
  23. He closed the window because it was cold outside.
  24. I finished my homework before dinner.
  25. The gardener watered the plants early in the morning.
  26. She dropped her phone on the floor.
  27. He lifted the heavy box with ease.
  28. They cleaned the entire house on Saturday.
  29. I borrowed a book from the library.
  30. She hugged her friend in greeting.
  31. He answered the question correctly.
  32. The photographer took stunning pictures of the sunset.
  33. She saved a little bird that was injured.
  34. He filled the glass with water.
  35. They invited all their friends to the party.
  36. I missed the bus this morning.
  37. She touched the fabric to feel its texture.
  38. He washed his car in the driveway.
  39. The kids decorated the Christmas tree with colorful ornaments.
  40. She packed her suitcase for the trip.
  41. He opened a new bank account yesterday.
  42. They rented a cabin in the mountains for the weekend.
  43. I handed in my assignment on time.
  44. She wrapped the gift beautifully.
  45. He froze when he saw the spider.
  46. The teacher graded the exams over the weekend.
  47. She tied her shoes before going for a run.
  48. He repaired the broken toy for his daughter.
  49. They climbed to the top of the hill to see the sunrise.
  50. I organized my desk to improve my productivity.
  51. She applied for the job she found online.
  52. He peeled the oranges for breakfast.
  53. The artist drew a sketch of the landscape.
  54. She learned to play the guitar during the summer.
  55. He passed the message to his coworker.
  56. They celebrated their anniversary at a fancy restaurant.
  57. I forgot my wallet at home.
  58. She mentioned your name during the conversation.
  59. He created a new playlist for the party.
  60. The baker baked fresh bread early in the morning.
  61. She sang a beautiful song at the event.
  62. He threw away the old newspapers.
  63. They planned a surprise birthday party for their friend.
  64. I downloaded the new app everyone’s talking about.
  65. She swept the floor after dinner.
  66. He lit the candles to create a cozy atmosphere.
  67. The children fed the ducks at the park.
  68. She measured the ingredients for the cake.
  69. He folded the laundry neatly.
  70. They booked flights for their summer vacation.
  71. She adjusted the volume on the stereo.
  72. He tossed the ball to his dog.
  73. They discussed the plans for the new project.
  74. I entered the data into the spreadsheet.
  75. She trimmed the bushes in her garden.
  76. He signed the document at the bottom.
  77. They loaded the truck with supplies for the trip.
  78. I mopped the kitchen floor after cooking.
  79. She nailed the picture frame to the wall.
  80. He unlocked the door with his key.
  81. They shared their vacation photos online.
  82. I replaced the old batteries in the remote.
  83. She marinated the chicken for dinner.
  84. He installed a new software update on his computer.
  85. They harvested the vegetables from their garden.
  86. I memorized all the important points for the presentation.
  87. She phoned her sister to catch up.
  88. He squeezed the lemon into the water.
  89. They stitched a patch onto the torn jeans.
  90. I secured the bike with a lock.
  91. She spotted a rare bird while hiking.
  92. He traced the outline of the drawing.
  93. They achieved their goal of running a marathon.
  94. I canceled the subscription I no longer use.
  95. She highlighted the key sentences in the document.
  96. He dedicated his book to his mentor.
  97. They initiated a community clean-up effort.
  98. I deposited the check into my account.
  99. She praised her team for their hard work.
  100. He addressed the envelope and mailed it.


20 Examples of Transitive Verbs in Sentences

50 Examples of Transitive Verbs in Sentences

Examples of Transitive Verbs in Sentences