10 Examples of Adverbs of Frequency in Sentences

Adverbs of frequency are words that indicate how often an action is performed. They can provide useful information in a sentence to help the reader understand how frequently an event or action takes place. Learning to use these adverbs correctly and effectively is important for expressing your thoughts accurately. This article will provide 10 examples of adverbs of frequency in sentences so that you can better understand how they work in real-life situations.

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10 Examples of Adverbs of Frequency in Sentences

10 Examples of Adverbs of Frequency in Sentences

  1. Angels are usually shown in pictures dressed in white.
  2. A hasty man is seldom out of trouble.
  3. Karen had seldom seen him so angry.
  4. We pay a yearly visit to my uncle.
  5. His health was impoverished daily.
  6. Humbleness often gains more than pride.
  7. The prisoners were regularly lashed with an electric cable.
  8. Our MP holds a weekly surgery on Friday mornings.
  9. The street lights are usually turned on at 7.
  10. The plants are regularly inspected for disease.

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Adverbs Of Frequency Exercise With Answers

Exercise: Complete the following sentences using an adverb of frequency. Choose the appropriate adverb of frequency from the list: always, usually, often, frequently, sometimes, occasionally, rarely, seldom, hardly ever, never.

  1. I _______ take sugar in my coffee.
  2. She _______ reads books in her free time.
  3. He _______ forgets his umbrella on rainy days.
  4. They _______ go out for dinner during the week.
  5. We _______ watch TV before going to bed.
  6. You should _______ wash your hands before eating.
  7. She _______ goes for a run in the park.
  8. He _______ listens to music while working.
  9. They _______ buy lottery tickets.
  10. I _______ eat pizza because it’s not very healthy.


  1. never
  2. usually
  3. often
  4. seldom
  5. rarely
  6. always
  7. occasionally
  8. often
  9. rarely
  10. hardly ever

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