50 Examples of Simple Prepositions in Sentences

50 Examples of Simple Prepositions in Sentences! Prepositions are an important part of the English language. They help to form complex relationships between nouns, verbs, adjectives, and other parts of speech in sentences. Knowing how to use prepositions correctly is essential for good communication. This article will provide you with 50 examples of prepositions in sentences so that you can understand their proper usage. The examples provided are from everyday situations and conversations to make them easier to understand.

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50 Examples of Simple Prepositions in Sentences

50 Examples of Prepositions

Below is the example list of 50 prepositions:

  1. Beneath
  2. Of
  3. Down
  4. Versus
  5. Despite
  6. Above
  7. But
  8. Following
  9. Amid
  10. Up
  11. Gone
  12. Saving
  13. Off
  14. Throughout
  15. Unlike
  16. After
  17. For
  18. Out
  19. At
  20. Opposite
  21. Inter
  22. Plus
  23. Till
  24. Given
  25. Considering
  26. In
  27. Into
  28. Less
  29. Near
  30. With
  31. Across
  32. Minus
  33. Outside
  34. By
  35. Respecting
  36. Besides
  37. Against
  38. Before
  39. Around
  40. Beyond
  41. Onto
  42. From
  43. Beside
  44. Within
  45. Per
  46. Save
  47. Except
  48. Until
  49. Cum
  50. Trans

50 Examples of Simple Prepositions in Sentences

  1. As long as you’re able.
  2. It’s better to ask twice than to get lost once.
  3. If your boots are muddy, take them off outside.
  4. A fool at forty is still a fool.
  5. He who is enraged is rarely at ease.
  6. It’s better to save at the brim than at the bottom.
  7. Linen that has become dirty should be washed at home.
  8. I must have dozed off at some point.
  9. Eat to live, rather than live to eat.
  10. Never postpone what you can do today until tomorrow.
  11. What happens at night becomes visible during the day.
  12. Honest men marry quickly, but wise men do not.
  13. No one ever went from good to bad all at once.
  14. What is learned in the cradle stays with you until you die.
  15. Do as the Romans do when you’re in Rome.
  16. Do not draw your bow until your arrow is in place.
  17. Many people are contacted, but only a few are chosen.
  18. Money is an excellent servant, but a terrible master.
  19. For his black thumbs, mock not a cobbler.
  20. He who lives on hope will starve to death.
  21. Love sustains lovers in the same way that leeks sustain larks.
  22. Nothing is as certain as death.
  23. Knowledge progresses in steps rather than leaps.
  24. It’s not love at first sight.
  25. Knowledge progresses in steps, not leaps.
  26. Every river empties into the sea.
  27. Genius frequently betrays itself by making major blunders.
  28. Don’t fly until you’ve feathered your wings.
  29. Let each man sing praises to the bridge he crosses.
  30. It’s pointless to cry over spilled milk.
  31. Never cast a clout until May has passed.
  32. A snake in one’s heart is a bad conscience.
  33. The devil can use the Bible to his advantage.
  34. Beauty is powerful, but money is even more so.
  35. The tongue has no bones, but it can break them.
  36. As a person sows, he will reap.
  37. Things that are hurriedly taken turn out to be unhealthy.
  38. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
  39. Words have more power to cut (or hurt) than swords.
  40. Don’t cross the bridge until you’ve arrived there.
  41. The noble soul holds itself in high regard.
  42. It took a long time for Rome to be built.
  43. Even kings remove their hats in the presence of gold.
  44. Hang one’s hat in the house of another.
  45. The weakest link in a chain is the weakest link.
  46. The hen fills her belly grain by grain.
  47. No one is more blind than those who refuse to see.
  48. Feed by the pound and defy the doctor.
  49. A happy person is unlikely to go insane.
  50. Fair and gentle go a long way in a day.

50 Sentences of Prepositions with Answers

  1. On the table, there is a vase of flowers. (Answer: On)
  2. She walked through the park to get to her office. (Answer: Through)
  3. The book is under the bed. (Answer: Under)
  4. He climbed up the ladder to reach the roof. (Answer: Up)
  5. She lives in a small apartment near the city center. (Answer: In)
  6. The cat jumped over the fence. (Answer: Over)
  7. He hung his coat on the hook behind the door. (Answer: Behind)
  8. We walked along the beach and watched the sunset. (Answer: Along)
  9. The plane flew above the clouds. (Answer: Above)
  10. The pizza was delivered to our doorstep. (Answer: To)
  11. She sat beside him during the movie. (Answer: Beside)
  12. The cat sat on the windowsill and watched the birds outside. (Answer: On)
  13. She drove through the tunnel to get to the other side. (Answer: Through)
  14. The flowers are in the vase on the table. (Answer: In, On)
  15. They walked past the bakery on their way to the park. (Answer: Past)
  16. The train arrived at the station on time. (Answer: At)
  17. The cat hid under the bed when it heard thunder. (Answer: Under)
  18. He walked across the street to get to the store. (Answer: Across)
  19. She put her keys in the purse on the chair. (Answer: In, On)
  20. They hiked up the mountain and took in the view from the top. (Answer: Up)
  21. She sat in front of the fireplace to keep warm. (Answer: In front of)
  22. The plane flew over the ocean for several hours. (Answer: Over)
  23. He stood behind the counter and served customers all day. (Answer: Behind)
  24. The car was parked in the garage next to the house. (Answer: In, Next to)
  25. She put the groceries in the trunk of the car. (Answer: In)
  26. They walked around the park and enjoyed the scenery. (Answer: Around)
  27. The restaurant is located at the corner of Main Street and Maple Street. (Answer: At, Of)
  28. She jumped into the pool and swam to the other side. (Answer: Into, To)
  29. The tree was leaning against the fence. (Answer: Against)
  30. He put the book on the shelf and walked away. (Answer: On)
  31. She stood in line for hours to buy tickets to the concert. (Answer: In)
  32. The dog ran through the open gate and into the backyard. (Answer: Through, Into)
  33. He drove under the bridge and onto the highway. (Answer: Under, Onto)
  34. She took a nap on the couch in the living room. (Answer: On, In)
  35. The cat climbed onto the roof and meowed loudly. (Answer: Onto)
  36. They sat beside the river and watched the boats go by. (Answer: Beside)
  37. He waited in front of the store for his friend to arrive. (Answer: In front of)
  38. The box was on top of the dresser. (Answer: On, Top of)
  39. She walked up the stairs and into her apartment. (Answer: Up, Into)
  40. The airplane flew around the world in 80 days. (Answer: Around)
  41. He put the key in the lock and opened the door. (Answer: In, In)
  42. She threw the ball over the fence and into the neighbor’s yard. (Answer: Over, Into)
  43. They walked across the bridge and onto the island. (Answer: Across, Onto)
  44. The computer was on the desk in the office. (Answer: On, In)
  45. She leaned against the wall and waited for her friends. (Answer: Against)
  46. He stood in front of the class and gave a presentation. (Answer: In front of)
  47. The children ran around the playground and played games. (Answer: Around)
  48. She walked through the door and into the house. (Answer: Through, Into)
  49. The car drove along the winding road and up the hill. (Answer: Along, Up)
  50. He put the pen on the paper and wrote a letter. (Answer: On)

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