50 Examples of Adjectives in Sentences

Our language is full of descriptive words that help us to express our thoughts and feelings accurately. Adjectives are an essential part of communication and can be used to paint a picture in the mind of the reader or listener. In this article, we will explore 100 different examples of adjectives used in sentences to demonstrate their power and versatility. Each example sentence will include an adjective that is used to describe a noun or pronoun.

50 Examples of Adjectives in Sentences

  1. The sweet aroma of the flowers filled the room.
  2. The spacious room was comfortable.
  3. The hard test made the students nervous.
  4. She had a wide collection of antique coins.
  5. The colorful flowers brightened up the room.
  6. The steep hill was a challenge to climb.
  7. The smooth road made for an easy drive.
  8. Wisdom is more precious than money.
  9. The hungry dog eagerly ate his food.
  10. The delicious smell of cookies filled the house.
  11. This is a horrible image.
  12. The journey is long.
  13. I found her cat hiding in the dark corner.
  14. She wore a beautiful dress to the party.
  15. Cars may make the horse nervous.
  16. The furniture is plain and fancy.
  17. The big elephant was impressive to see.
  18. The baby is adorable.
  19. The hard rock was difficult to break.
  20. On is busy formulating a general policy.
  21. The wine is bitter.
  22. He is very fat and no one loves him.
  23. His apparent anxiety was real.
  24. The room is dimly lit.
  25. The thunderous applause filled the auditorium.
  26. Could you be more careful?
  27. The fast cheetah easily outran its prey.
  28. The hot sun made me thirsty.
  29. The dense forest was difficult to navigate.
  30. The old man walked slowly down the street.
  31. The quiet library was perfect for studying.
  32. The fragile vase broke when it fell off the table.
  33. The narrow hallway led to a hidden door.
  34. The park is peaceful.
  35. He misses his dead wife and son.
  36. The dirty laundry piled up in the corner.
  37. The answer is incorrect.
  38. The tall building towered over the city.
  39. No one is happy until they are dead.
  40. The tall building towered over the city.
  41. The soft fabric felt comfortable against my skin.
  42. He was a generous man, always helping others.
  43. The warm sun felt nice on my skin.
  44. The strong winds knocked down trees and power lines.
  45. He sent me precious gifts.
  46. The curious cat explored the room.
  47. He painted a vivid picture of the sunset.
  48. The mysterious stranger left as quickly as he arrived.
  49. The big city is bustling.
  50. The cold wind blew through the trees.

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50 Examples of Adjectives in Sentences 50 Examples of Adjectives in Sentences 2

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