15 Examples of Relative Pronouns in Sentences

15 Examples of Relative Pronouns in Sentences! Relative pronouns are used to introduce relative clauses and join two related sentences together. They often refer back to a noun or pronoun used earlier in the sentence. In English grammar, there are five main relative pronouns: who, whom, that, which, and whose. In this article, we will provide 15 examples of how these pronouns can be used in sentences to explain their purpose and meaning. We will also discuss some important rules to keep in mind when using them.

15 Examples of Relative Pronoun in Sentences

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15 Examples of Relative Pronouns

  1. whomever
  2. whoever
  3. whose
  4. which
  5. however
  6. who
  7. whom
  8. whichever
  9. that
  10. where
  11. whomsoever
  12. why
  13. wherever
  14. that
  15. when

Examples of Relative Pronouns in Sentences

  1. Whose keys are on the counter in the kitchen?
  2. Whoever swims in sin will drown in misery.
  3. He who loses the moment loses everything.
  4. Anyone who comes into contact with the pitch will be defiled.
  5. He can tell who is the quietest.
  6. The first person to die is the one who has never been sick.
  7. Those who help themselves are blessed by God.
  8. Please lock up whoever is the last to leave.
  9. The plasterer who did the job did a fantastic job.
  10. The best performer is the one who is well-versed in his field.
  11. Anyone who trusts in Him will live forever.
  12. Whose bag is it, exactly?
  13. Nobody thanks the person who serves everyone.
  14. Ridiculous! Who dared to make such a suggestion?
  15. Anyone who steps on his toes will be kicked away.

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