50 Examples of Negative Sentences

Are you looking for examples of negative sentences? If so, this article is just for you! Here, we provide 50 examples of negative sentences to help you understand how they are created and used in everyday language. Negative sentences are a great way to express your feelings and thoughts, as well as to make requests or give advice. Whether you’re a native speaker of English or just beginning to learn it, these examples will help you understand the differences between positive and negative sentences.

50 Negative Sentences Examples

  1. He will not help me.
  2. You will not come to my house.
  3. We will not have another coffee.
  4. They will not be here today.
  5. He was not allowed to do that.
  6. You are not invited to the party.
  7. They will not agree with us.
  8. He did not go to school yesterday.
  9. They do not understand this.
  10. We will not be able to go there tomorrow.
  11. She is not ready yet.
  12. I am not coming with you.
  13. They were not tired then.
  14. He cannot speak Spanish well.
  15. I will not be there tomorrow.
  16. She will not cook for us.
  17. We cannot go now.
  18. I am not hungry anymore.
  19. He did not study last night.
  20. They are not here right now.
  21. You are not going to the party, are you?
  22. They were not ready then.
  23. I am not happy now.
  24. He will not do it for me.
  25. We don’t have a lot of money left.
  26. She cannot play chess very well.
  27. You didn’t eat anything, did you?
  28. They were not allowed to go.
  29. We cannot find it here.
  30. He was not supposed to leave this morning.
  31. I have never been there.
  32. She is not in a good mood right now.
  33. You will not believe what happened!
  34. They are not her real parents.
  35. I will not let you do that.
  36. We cannot wait for them any longer.
  37. She is not very confident about herself.
  38. You don’t like me, do you?
  39. I had never been to your house.
  40. He didn’t eat anything.
  41. She doesn’t care about it.
  42. We are not going to the mall with you.
  43. They haven’t seen each other for a long time.
  44. Can I speak with Mary? – No, she isn’t here now.
  45. He didn’t go to school yesterday.
  46. I do not like broccoli.
  47. She is not going to the party.
  48. They did not finish their homework.
  49. He hasn’t been to Paris before.
  50. The restaurant did not serve good food.

50 examples of negative sentences

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