15 Sentences in Past Continuous Tense

15 Sentences in Past Continuous Tense! In order to make your conversations and writings sound more natural, you will want to use the past continuous tense. This form is used to describe actions that were in progress at a certain time in the past. Let’s look at some examples to see how it works.

Past continuous is a verb tense that describes an unfinished action or state of being in the past. To form this tense, you need two parts- the helping verb “to be” and the present participle of the main verb. So, for example, “I was eating dinner” would be in past continuous because I was (in the process of) eating when something else happened.’

15 sentences in past continuous tense

Below are examples:

  1. She was studying when I called.
  2. I was eating when the phone rang.
  3. They were watching when the power went out.
  4. He was playing when a friend knocked.
  5. We were walking when it rained heavily.
  6. The children were playing when the parents arrived.
  7. The team was practicing when it got dark.
  8. The dog was barking when the mailman arrived.
  9. She was driving when she got stuck.
  10. They were talking when a teacher walked in.
  11. The orchestra was rehearsing when the alarm went off.
  12. He was typing when the computer shut down.
  13. We were enjoying ourselves when the host announced to leave.
  14. The chef was cooking when the fire broke out.
  15. The workers were building when it rained.

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