10 Examples of Noun in Sentences

10 Examples of Noun in Sentences! A noun is a word used to identify a person, place, thing, or idea. It is one of the eight parts of speech in English grammar and is typically used as the subject or object of a sentence. Nouns can be singular or plural, concrete or abstract, countable or uncountable, and they can also be modified by adjectives.

Examples of nouns include “dog,” “city,” “love,” and “idea.”

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10 Examples of Noun in Sentences

10 Examples of Noun Sentences

  1. The dog chased the ball.
  2. The car honked its horn loudly.
  3. The sun sets over the horizon.
  4. The child ate the candy eagerly.
  5. The bookshelf was filled with books.
  6. The teacher graded the exams carefully.
  7. The mountain range was covered in snow.
  8. The computer beeped to signal a new message.
  9. The flowers bloomed in the garden.
  10. The city skyline was impressive at night.

10 Examples Of Noun Sentences With Answers

Here are ten examples of noun sentences with answers:

  1. Sarah went to the store to buy milk. (Sarah and store are nouns)
  2. The sun sets over the mountains in the distance. (sun and mountains are nouns)
  3. The teacher handed out worksheets to the students. (teacher and students are nouns)
  4. The cat slept all day on the couch. (cat and couch are nouns)
  5. The book on the table is mine. (book and table are nouns)
  6. My favorite color is blue. (the color is a noun)
  7. The concert was canceled due to the rain. (concert and rain are nouns)
  8. We watched the birds fly overhead. (‘birds’ is a noun)
  9. The restaurant on Main Street serves the best pizza in town. (restaurant, Main Street, and pizza are nouns)
  10. My sister is studying to become a doctor. (sister and doctor are nouns)

10 Questions Exercise for Nouns

Here’s a fill-in-the-blank exercise for nouns:

  1. Sarah wants to buy a new __________.
  2. The __________ in the sky was a beautiful shade of pink.
  3. My favorite __________ is ice cream.
  4. The __________ in the garden is blooming.
  5. My __________ is a doctor.
  6. The __________ in the pond were swimming gracefully.
  7. I love the sound of __________ in the morning.
  8. The __________ is sleeping on the bed.
  9. The __________ on the shelf is my favorite book.
  10. The __________ in the park were flying high in the sky.


  1. car
  2. sunset
  3. food
  4. flower
  5. sister
  6. fish
  7. birds
  8. cat
  9. book
  10. kites