5 Examples of Concrete Nouns in Sentences

5 Examples of Concrete Nouns in Sentences! A concrete noun is a word that represents a physical object or substance that can be perceived by the senses, such as sight, hearing, touch, taste, or smell. These nouns refer to things that are tangible, real, and observable, and they can be quantified or measured. Examples of concrete nouns include chair, dog, phone, tree, and car.

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Below are 5 examples of concrete nouns with meaning and sentences:

  1. Car: A vehicle used for transportation that runs on four wheels and is powered by an engine or motor.
  • I drove my car to work this morning.
  • My friend’s car broke down on the highway.
  • The car was painted red and had black leather seats.
  1. Phone: An electronic device used to communicate with others by making and receiving calls and messages.
  • I forgot my phone at home and felt lost without it.
  • She answered the phone on the first ring.
  • My phone’s battery died, and I couldn’t find my charger.
  1. Chair: A piece of furniture with a seat, back, and legs designed for one person to sit on.
  • I pulled up a chair to the table for dinner.
  • The conference room had comfortable chairs for the meeting.
  • She rocked back and forth in the rocking chair on the front porch.
  1. Dog: A domesticated mammal that is commonly kept as a pet or used for hunting, guarding, or herding.
  • My dog loves to play fetch in the park.
  • The neighbor’s dog barks all night long, and it keeps me awake.
  • The guide dog helped the blind person safely cross the street.
  1. Tree: A tall perennial plant with a single stem or trunk supporting branches and leaves.
  • The tree in my backyard is a maple tree, and it turns bright red in the fall.
  • We hung the tire swing from the sturdy branch of the old oak tree.
  • The landscaper planted several fruit trees in the orchard.

5 Examples of Concrete Nouns in Sentences

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