20 Examples of Declarative Sentences

Declarative sentences are statements that convey information or make assertions and end with a period.

20 Examples of Declarative Sentences

Here are 20 examples of declarative sentences:

  1. The dog is barking.
  2. I am listening to music.
  3. He will be happy if he gets the job.
  4. She loves her family very much.
  5. He loves to play soccer.
  6. My father loves me very much.
  7. I am a good person.
  8. I do not like studying.
  9. The girl is running fast.
  10. The boy will be happy if he gets the job.
  11. The sky is blue.
  12. Dogs bark loudly.
  13. The sun rises in the east.
  14. The Earth revolves around the sun.
  15. The grass is green.
  16. I like pizza.
  17. She is a talented musician.
  18. The ocean is vast and mysterious.
  19. The book on the shelf is red.
  20. The car is parked in the driveway.

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20 examples of declarative sentences

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