50 Sentences in Present Perfect Continuous Tense

50 Sentences in Present Perfect Continuous Tense! If you’re studying English as a second language, you may have come across the present perfect continuous tense. But what is it, and how do you use it? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the present perfect continuous tense and explain how to form sentences in this tricky verb tense. Stay tuned for more tips on mastering English grammar!

50 sentences in present perfect continuous tense

Below are 50 examples:

  1. We have been working.
  2. They have been texting.
  3. He has not been driving.
  4. She has not been swimming.
  5. I have not been listening to music since morning.
  6. He has not been eating dinner with his family.
  7. John boy, you haven’t been doing your homework since morning.
  8. We have not been feeling sleepy since the day started.
  9. He has not been playing.
  10. You have not been eating.
  11. We have not been working.
  12. They have not been texting.
  13. He has been driving.
  14. She has been swimming.
  15. I have been listening to music since morning.
  16. He has been eating dinner with his family.
  17. John boy, you have not been doing your homework since morning.
  18. We have been feeling sleepy since the day started
  19. I have been waiting for you since morning.
  20. She has been helping me with the project.
  21. They have been discussing about the pending matter pending in court.
  22. You have not been playing well and we will lose the match.
  23. We haven’t been thinking positive and our business is going down.
  24. Have you been watching a tv show?
  25. I have been wanting to see this film since a long time.
  26. They have been helping people displaced from the flood.
  27. I have been transferring money from savings account to checking account for three weeks now.
  28. She has not been talking to me since a month.
  29. I have been doing this work for more than 2 years.
  30. They have not been attending the meetings since a week.
  31. You have been racking your brains trying to find a way out of the mess you are in!
  32. I have been spending my time on reddit recently.
  33. He has been inviting all his friends to his birthday party.
  34. She has been receiving 250 emails every day since morning.
  35. He has been struggling to find a job for more than five years now.
  36. I have been feeling sick for the past few days.
  37. We haven’t been exercising and we feel lethargic all the time.
  38. I have been cooking for an hour and still haven’t finished!
  39. The company has been making a loss for the past two years.
  40. I have been playing soccer for more than 7 years now.
  41. He has been trying to convince his parents for a long time but hasn’t succeeded yet.
  42. They have not been getting any calls since morning.
  43. I have been wondering, why is he so upset?
  44. She has been trying to call you since last night but couldn’t get through.
  45. He has been catching up on his sleep for the past two days.
  46. She has been writing her papers since morning, but she still hasn’t finished them.
  47. It has been raining heavily since yesterday afternoon.
  48. He has been working in this firm since july 1st 2015.
  49. Have you been jogging for 15 minutes?
  50. They haven’t been taking proper care of their health.