20 Examples of Adverbs of Place in Sentences

20 Examples of Adverbs of Place in Sentences! When it comes to expressing a sense of location or direction, adverbs of place are an essential part of the English language. Whether you’re writing a story, composing a poem, or simply chatting with friends, these words can add precision and clarity to your sentences. In this article, we’ll provide 20 examples of adverbs of place in action, helping you to better understand their usage in your own writing. These examples will range from simple phrases to more complex sentences.

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20 Examples of Adverbs of Place

  1. Above
  2. Abroad
  3. Anywhere
  4. Away
  5. Back
  6. Behind
  7. Down
  8. Downstairs
  9. East
  10. Far
  11. Indoors
  12. Near
  13. Nearby
  14. Off
  15. Out
  16. Over
  17. There
  18. Towards
  19. Up
  20. Upstairs

20 Examples of Adverbs of Place in Sentences 1

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20 Examples of Adverbs of Place in Sentences

  1. The ball rolled behind the couch and was difficult to retrieve.
  2. I will meet you there at the coffee shop at noon.
  3. She walked down the street, admiring the scenery.
  4. The wind blew the leaves out of the yard and onto the sidewalk.
  5. The store is located near the park, making it convenient to shop.
  6. They went abroad to study a new language and culture.
  7. The weather is terrible, so we should stay indoors today.
  8. I’m heading downstairs to grab my coat before we leave.
  9. The bedrooms are located upstairs from the living room.
  10. The sun rises east of the mountains every morning.
  11. The bird flew above the trees and disappeared into the sky.
  12. He ran away from the angry dog and didn’t stop until he was safe.
  13. Is there a gas station nearby where we can fill up the car?
  14. She turned back to retrieve her forgotten keys before leaving the house.
  15. He climbed up the ladder to reach the top shelf.
  16. The house is located far from the city center.
  17. They can travel anywhere in the world with their new job.
  18. The car is heading towards the city, and traffic is heavy.
  19. Do you remember where you parked the car?
  20. The airplane flew over the ocean and landed safely at the airport.

20 Examples of Adverbs of Place in Sentences

  1. The news from overseas is overwhelmingly negative.
  2. He forged ahead, panting and breathless.
  3. Try not to make a noise when you go upstairs.
  4. The peacocks roost in nearby shrubs.
  5. The occasional nude bather comes here.
  6. He might easily have been seen by someone who lived nearby.
  7. He went upstairs and changed into fresh clothes.
  8. Denise went downstairs and made some tea.
  9. Don’t leave me here, I beg of you!
  10. I heard his heavy tread moving about upstairs.
  11. Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.
  12. Good luck in the year ahead!
  13. Can you sign this form here for me?
  14. We have a formidable task ahead of us.
  15. The river burst its banks and flooded nearby towns.
  16. How much overseas/foreign aid does Britain give?
  17. The flashing lights denote dangerous roads ahead.
  18. Constant dropping wears away a stone.
  19. John’s father is waiting downstairs.
  20. Having your parents living nearby is a mixed blessing.